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School of Public Administration. CSU was founded in July 2009. It covers three academic programs: Philosophy, Sociology and Public Administration. It contains academic Ph.D. programs in Philosophy, Ph.D. programs in bioethics, organizational management and policy innovation, social policy and social management. It including three research-oriented M.S, MPA center, two Bachelor degrees. It includes post-doctoral research station of philosophy, two key disciplines of Hunan province, philosophy and social science research station of Hunan advanced university.


School of Public Administration. CSU consists of four departments: Public Administration, Sociology, Philosophy and Human resources and social security. It also includes applied ethics center, research center for Problem of Chinese migrant workers, religious culture and moral construction center, research center for harmony society, the center of city competition, scientific technology and social development institution, demography institution, anthropology institution, sociology institution, regional public management institution, science of leadership institution and educational economy and educational policy institution.


There are 59 teaching faculty members in the school, 17 of them are professors: 9 doctoral supervisors, 66% of the teaching faculty members have doctoral degrees. School of Public Administration has members of Teaching Guidance Committee of Education Department, winner of "College Youth Award” of education department, new century talent of education department, Distinguished Professor from Shenghua scholar of central south university and so forth.