Research Awards & Patents

Scientific Researches

CSU has reached the world-class research results in basic science and focusing on research frontier and national strategic plan with its own characteristics and advantages.

Diwa theory has created a new school of tectonic structure and metallogeny with international influence.

Powder pressing theory has solved many complex problems in forming fields.

Flotation agent structural theory and design of molecular has made pioneering contribution to mineral engineering flotation theory.

The world-leading achievement in Markov process has been honored as Hou’s theorem.

Ti-Ni-Cu tripe diffusion couples measured phase diagram has established its position of authority in international phase diagram field.

Disease gene of nervous and highly-frequent hearing impairment (GJB3) has been cloned for the first time.

The innovative research into Pharmacogenomics has launched a new era of gene-oriented individualized medicine.

Free-weighting matrix approach has been one of the effective ways of robust control on time-delay systems.

The world’s largest National Stem Cell Bank of Human Embryo has been built.  

Since 2000, there have been 74 projects conducted by our school on the list of the Three National Science Awards, including 9 first prizes of the National Science and Technology Awards and 8 being selected in the top 10 Science and Technology Progress Awards by Chinese Higher Education Institutions.

“The Theory & Practice of Sulphate Ores Flotation by Potential Regulation” won the first prize in the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2000.

“The Preparative Technique of High Performance Carbon/Carbon Air Braking Materials” won the first prize of the State Technological Invention Award in 2004.

The Efficient Utilization of Al Resource and The Theory & Practice of the Preparation of Al Sheets with High Performance won the first prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2007.

The Key Techniques in the Deep Development and Application of High Smelting Tungsten won the first prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2011.