Schools Humanities



School of Humanities is committed to fostering researchers, educators, and sociocultural workers with rich humanistic and social scientific knowledge.

SLJ has more quality teaching staffs of well academic structure, rational age structure and professional title structure. Among them, one is nationally outstanding teacher, two are selected as Members of Ministry of Education New Century Outstanding Talents Support Program, and one is selected in the Project of One Hundred Talents In Hunan. Besides, there are 16 high- level professors.

SLJ has three secondary discipline doctoral degree programs in Aesthetics, Aesthetic Culture and Cultural Industry; two first discipline master’s degree programs in Chinese Language & Literature and Journalism & Communication; a secondary discipline master’s degree program in Aesthetics; and two professional degree programs in international Chinese language education and Journalism & Communication. At present, SLJ has three undergraduate specialties, including Chinese Language & Literature, Television Broadcasting Science, and Digital Publishing.