Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges

Our Responsibilities

The Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges is responsible for implementing policies concerning foreign affairs and promoting international collaboration and engagement. The work of the office mainly includes the following items:

•  Initial the development plan of college international collaboration and exchanges, provide information and advice on for school leadership.;

•  Coordinate foreign affairs on teaching, scientific research and academic exchanges;

•  Organize foreign affairs reception on important events entrusted by higher authorities;

•  Manage intercollegiate exchange programs, including setting up schemes, drawing up agreements and implementing related projects;

•  Provide services for international students & overseas students including admission, enrollment and foreign affair.

•  Regulate and manage Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language;

•  Application and management of International Talents Introduction Project and international cooperation projects;

•  Foreign experts’ employment, application, foreign affairs management and domestic services;

•  Overall management of international conferences;

•  Facilitate liaison, assessment and application of international joint programs; Mange application procedures of passport for public affairs for faculties, staff and students due to visiting overseas for business purpose

•  Deal with other international affairs relate to school issues.