Schools Resources and Safety Engineering

Resources and Safety Engineering

School of Resources and Safety Engineering


The School of Resources and Safety Engineering was established in May, 2002 on the basis of the original Mining Department which was set up in 1952.Mining Engineering, a national key discipline in 2000,was authorized to start its doctor program in 1986 and was included in “211 Project” and “985” which enjoys privileged discipline construction. Safety Technology Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering are also the national key disciplines since 2007.After over 50 years’ development, the School has perfected a complete system of education, including three BSc programs, eight MSc programs, three programs of MSc for engineers, seven PhD programs as well as foreign students and the continuous education. The School has about 1700 students, including 500 MSc, PhD and post doctoral students. Since its founding over 50 years ago, the School has trained more than 7500 undergraduate students, 1000 master students and over 200 doctoral students, some of which have emerged as leading experts, managers of large enterprises, and outstanding people in the sectors of education, academy, industry, business and culture.


The School consists of three departments and five research institutes. Laboratories, which have a floor space of 3500 m2, are equipped with 605 pieces or sets of devices and instruments with a total value of over 30 million yuan. There are more than 70 teachers and technicians in the School, among which there are two members of China Academy of Engineering, a special professor of Yangtze River Scholarship, 18 doctoral supervisors and 30 professors.


The School is active in education exchange with universities both at home and abroad. Through exchange teachers & attending international conferences, it has established cooperation relationship with 13 universities in USA, Australia, Sweden and Norway etc. It has successfully hosted four international conferences and workshops and 6 national conferences in the past four years.