Research Research Programs

Chief Scientist Program under National 973 Project and Chief Scientist

In recent years, CSU has successively undertaken 16 chief scientist programs under National Basic Research Program of China of 973 Project, about 500 National High Technology Research and Development Programs of  863 Program and National Science and Technology Support Program.

Basic Research on Improving Aluminium Product Quality (Academician Zhong Jue)

Basic Research on Microbial Metallurgy (Academician Qiu Guanzhou)

Basic Rearch on Efficient Preparation and Service of High-performance Carbon/Carbon Composites (Xiong Xiang)

Neurodegenerative Molecular Pathomechanism (Zhang Zhuohua)

Basic Research on Efficient Ulitization of High-performance Aluminium Product and Aluminium Resources(Zhang Xinming)

Basic Reserch on High-performance Carbon/Carbon Composites(Academician Huang Boyun);

Research on Hereditary Basis of Child Autism and Pathogenic Meachanism(Xia Jng);

Research on Transcriptomics Rules of Multi-stage Onset Process of Polygenic Genetic Tumor and Molecular Mechanism(Li Guiyuan)

Scientic Basis on Efficient Extraction and Seperation of Refractory Non-ferrous Metal(Chen Qiyuan)

Rapid Design of Titanium Alloy udner Intergtation of High-flux Experimentation and Calculation(Zhao Jicheng)

Research on Early Key Mechanism and Intervention Strategy of Diabetes-stimulated Vascular Dysfunction Based on the Stress of Endothelical Cells (Chen Fengyuan)

Basic Research on Intensified Microbial Metallurgical Process(Academician Qiu Guanzhou)

Basic Reserch on Manufacturing Large Complex Structural Parts of High-performance Light Alloy in Aerospace Field (Li Xiaoqian)

Basic Reserch on Cleaning and Efficient Extraction of Strategical Non-ferrous Metal and Unconventional Resources(Feng Qiming)

Function and Molecular Mechanism of mTOR Regulatory Network in Senility and Course of Metabolism-associted Diseases (Liu Feng)