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Event: Lecture by Dr. Andrew Forrest, FMG's Founder and Chairman in Australia

Time: October 29, 2023 14:00 - 15:30

Venue: 3rd-floor auditorium of Building 1, Science Park, Central South University

Topic: Working Together to Address Climate Change and Promote Green Energy

Speaker: Dr. Forrest, Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (FMG)

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Co-Chair of the Australia-China Senior Business Leaders' Forum

Dr. Andrew Forrest

Executive Chairman and Founder of FMG

Dr. Andrew Forrest is both a global business leader and a philanthropist. He leads global efforts to address the climate crisis through FMG, Tattarang, and the Minderoo Foundation, exploring the utilization of green metals and green energy to gradually replace fossil fuels.

FMG is a publicly-listed natural resources company with a market value of 40 billion US dollars, committed to developing large-scale green energy and green metals projects worldwide. FMG has developed the world's most efficient and low-cost mining infrastructure and is the only heavy industry company to have devised a comprehensive cost accounting plan, aiming to achieve zero emissions (eliminating fossil fuels and carbon offset) in its Australian iron ore business by 2030.

Squadron is a wholly-owned investment portfolio company of Tattarang. As Australia's largest renewable energy owner, operator, and developer, the company will support the Australian government's goal of "82% of electricity from renewable energy by 2030," providing a third of the renewable electricity. Currently, Squadron has dozens of projects under construction, capable of supplying over 20,000 megawatts of stable renewable energy, with most projects set to be completed within a decade.

Renewable technologies are facing a severe shortage of minerals, particularly nickel, lithium, and copper. Dr. Forrest's Wyloo Metals company (a wholly-owned investment portfolio company of Tattarang) is committed to accelerating the global supply of strategic metals and is focused on developing three of the world's highest-quality sulfide nickel belts.

Dr. Forrest believes that certain challenges (such as global warming) can only be addressed through businesses under the leadership of responsible governments. Since its establishment in 2001, Dr. Forrest's charitable foundation, the Minderoo Foundation, has received donations exceeding AUD 7.6 billion. The foundation is dedicated to resolving fundamental issues such as human rights, ocean health, indigenous disparities, and gender equality for women and girls.

Dr. Forrest holds a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology and is a Patron of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). He has been awarded the Order of Australia for his significant contributions to charity, mining, employment, and sustainable foreign investment. In 2016, he served as a member of the Global Citizen Commission, which was commissioned by the United Nations to revise the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to better align with contemporary societal demands.

In 2013, Dr. Forrest was appointed by the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet to lead the national response to indigenous disparities, resulting in the publication of the The Forrest Review the following year. Additionally, Dr. Forrest is the Co-Chair of the Australia-China Senior Business Leaders Forum and a member of the Boao Forum for Asia Council.

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