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Title: Healthcare, Beyond the Bedside

Time: 2:30 p.m., July 11, 2018

Venue:Meeting room 409, Shenghua North Building, Main Campus

Lecturer: Prof. Yi Chen, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Today, healthcare is undergoing a big-data revolution. There is a dramatic growth of data in healthcare, from Electronic Health Records, lab results, pharmaceutical research data, insurance claims, customer relationship management, to user-generated data in social media and Internet of Things. Analytics of big data could change every inch of the healthcare industry - from better outcomes to more accessible and affordable care - all for the better. At the same time, healthcare is transforming from disease treatment to proactive and preventative care, from hospital-centric approaches to patient-centric approaches. In this talk, I will discuss the landscape of healthcare data science, technical challenges, some attempts that we have made, and the outlook for future.

Lecturer Profile:

Yi Chen is Leir Chair in healthcare, and a Professor in Martin Tuchman School of Management, with a joint appointment at Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences, at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

She is the Director of the Leir Research Institute for Business, Technology and Society, and the Co-Director of Big Data Center. Her research interests focus on data science and its applications in healthcare and business, such as information search and recommendation, social media mining, and computational advertising.

Yi Chen is a recipient of Peter Chen Big Data Young Researcher Award, an NSF CAREER award, Google Research Awards, and IBM Faculty Awards, Excellence in Research in NJIT, and Outstanding Faculty Researcher at Arizona State University. She served as a general chair of SIGMOD’2012 and as an associate editor for several leading journals, such as TKDE, VLDB, PADB, IJOC, etc.

Yi Chen received her Ph.D, and B.S. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, and Central South University, respectively.