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Li Zhihong

Vice President

Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee

Li Zhihong, male, was born in October 1973. He is a CPC member, master, doctor and chief physician. He served as the Director of the Department of Hospital Administration of Central South University, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiangya School of Medicine, and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and the President of the Second Xiangya Hospital (the Second Clinical Medical School). He now serves as the Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and the Vice President of Central South University.

Major research areas: Basic and clinical research, diagnosis and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumor.

He has possessed such titles as “National Young Specialist in Health Care”, the middle-aged and young scholar project of the science and technology talent sponsorship program of Hunan Province, and the candidate of the medical talent 225 program of Hunan Province. He has been the winner of 2 items of the young scientist award of Hunan Province and the medical science and technology award of Hunan Province, and 2 third prizes of the science and technology advancement award of Hunan Province.

He was elected as the deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress, Vice President of the 11th Hunan Youth Foundation, and the deputy to the 16th People’s Congress of Changsha Municipality.

He presides over medical education, foreign affairs and house property.

Time of update: January 16, 2022