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Chen Xiang

Managing Vice President

Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee

Chen Xiang, male, Han nationality, was born in October 1970. He is a CPC member, master, doctor, professor and chief physician. He served as the Director of the Department of Hospital Administration and the Vice President of Central South University, and now serves as the Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee and the Managing Vice President of Central South University.

Major research areas: Research in the mechanism and transformation of skin diseases such as skin malignancy and psoriasis.

He received such honors and titles as Distinguished Professor of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” (2009), recipient of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars (2012), scientific and technological innovation leading talent of “Ten Thousand Talents Program” (2013) and national candidate of the “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Program” (2009). He has won 6 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research achievement awards and 3 national and provincial-level teaching achievement awards.

He was elected as the deputy to the 15th and 16th People’s Congress of Changsha Municipality.

He assists the President with the comprehensive management of the administrative work. He presides over personnel affairs, finance, educational evaluation reform, pairing assistance and fixed-point support, information disclosure, administration of the University according to law, and information submission. He assists in the management of audit and medicine.

Time of update: January 16, 2022