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Li Jingsheng

Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee

Li Jingsheng, male, was born in February 1967. He is a CPC member, master, doctor and researcher. He served as the Director of the Department of House Property Management and the Director of the Student Work Department of Central South University, the Director of the Organization Department of CPC Committee of CSU, and the Deputy Director General of the Bureau for Ideological and Political Work of the Ministry of Education (taking a temporary post), and now serves as the Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of Central South University.

Major research areas: Party building and ideological and political education.

He has received such honors and titles as Top 10 Excellent Leader in Ideological and Political Education for College Students of Hunan Province and the first-class merit of the People’s Government of Hunan Province.

He presides over the ideological and political education and management of students, “Three Comprehensive Education”, ideological and political theory courses, unified front and party building in the organs of the University.

Time of update: January 16, 2022