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School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering


Research highlights

With a history of more than fifty years and having more than ten thousand alumni, the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering of Central South University (CSU) aims to establish the internationally famous and domestically leading discipline in Traffic and Transportation Engineering. Today, 76 faculties, 28 staffs, 1, 229 undergraduates and 545 graduate students are working together to achieve this goal. The School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering has a number of famous scientists, experts and talents, which include one expert of “Thousand Foreign Experts Plan” one “Yangtse River Scholars Program” professor, one expert of “High-end Foreign Experts” and five outstanding talents of “The Ministry of Education Program for New Century Excellent Talents”. In addition, the school leads one Yangtse River scholars and innovation team of the ministry of education "Rail Transit Safety Key Technology", one teaching team of Hunan province "Rail Transit Innovation Training” and one “Advanced Group of Professionals Nationwide”. After years of development, the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering has become one of the firsts of the National Innovation Promotion Plan(the"2011 plan")for its prominent advantages and characteristics. In the latest round of national disciplinary assessment ranking, the discipline of traffic and transportation engineering of CSU ranked 5th in China.

The School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering consists of three departments, one research center and seven research institutes, possessing the world’s largest and  most  advanced “ Train Aerodynamic Performance and Crash Simulation Equipment” experimental system. The “High Speed Train Research Center” was nominated by former Ministry of Railways as the research base for train aerodynamic, train collision dynamics and new train body. The school undertakes a series of national and provincial projects, such as National Support Projects,  National "973",  "863" Major Projects, "985"Technique Innovation Platform Constructing Projects, Major Projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. The school has also obtained seven national awards, which consists of “the National Supreme Science and Technology Award”, the first prize and second prize of “National Award for Science and Technology Progress”, the second prize of “National Technology and Invention” and “National Teaching Achievement Award”.