Schools Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (CMEE) is one leading research and teaching institution at Central South University. We strive for excellence through high-quality education and state-of-the-art research. CMEE delivers the spirit of “solidarity, innovation, self-reliance and brilliant”. Currently, we are nationally renowned for our great achievement in disciplinary development, talent cultivation, teaching and research.

CMEE possesses one post-doctoral centre for mechanical engineering, one first-class state key discipline (mechanical engineering), and six second-class state key disciplines (i.e. mechanical theories & design and etc.). We also provide Bachelor degree of three majors (i.e. mechanical design manufacturing & automation, microelectronic manufacturing engineering, and automotive engineering), MPhil degree of mechanical engineering, and Ph.D. degree of advanced manufacturing engineering. Moreover, there are one state key laboratory of high performance complex manufacturing, one state collaborative innovation center for advanced nonferrous structural metallic materials and manufacturing, one state engineering center for high performance Al-based alloys and associated component manufacturing, and other national and/or provincial scientific research platforms.

Currently, there are 50 professors, 57 associate professors and another 106 research/professional/technical staff at College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (CMME). The college’s national research positioning was highlighted by 1 fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 director of Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education, 1 board member of the Discipline Appraisal Team of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, 3 chief scientists of “National 973 Program”, 2 fellows of “National Thousand Talent Plan”, 4 fellows of “Yangtze River Scholar Plan”, 3 fellows of “New Century National Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand Talents Project”, 3 fellows of “Furong Scholar Award Plan”, and 12 fellows of “Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of Education”. In addition, a few domestic and/or international well-known scholars are also invited as honorary professors, visiting professors and adjunct professors.There are over100 Ph.D. students, 700 MPhil students and 2100 undergraduates.

   Under the leading of Prof. Jue Zhong (fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering), CMEE primarily focuses on innovative development. Meanwhile, CMEE focuses on the frontier and hot research field, i.e. high performance complex manufacturing. In addition, CMEE attracts a large number of internationally or nationally-acknowledged talents in the field of mechanical engineering.