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Professor Shu Chang Invited to Attend Veith Symposium and Deliver a Report for the 6th Consecutive Year
March 1, 2017Click:

Recently, Prof. Shu Chang, Director of Vascular Surgery Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital and a famous doctor, was specially invited by Pro. Frank Veith, former President of International Society for Vascular Surgery (ISVS), to attend the 43rd Veith Symposium in New York, the US--the largest academic conference on vascular surgery in the world, and delivered a report titled “Tips and Tricks to Make Chimney (Ch\TEVAR) in the Aortic Arch Successful” at the main session on the first day of the symposium. This was the 6th consecutive year that Pro. Shu Chang was invited as international Faculty Member. Prof. Shu Chang, together with Safi and Cosselli, world top experts on vascular surgery, presided over the symposium and made comments in prime time of the main session, and serving as President of the China session,  he also introduced to the world experts the latest achievements and development of China’s vascular surgery in recent years.

It is reported that the annual Veith Symposium is the largest and best known conference on vascular surgery which has been held for 43 consecutive years. The symposium committee collects academic information of world leading experts on vascular surgery by varieties of ways every year, and invites them to deliver reports on decided topics they specialize in. In recent years, the Vascular Surgery Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital, in collaboration with Anesthesia Department, Operating Department, Cardiac Catheterization Department and Coronary Care Unit (CCU), has made breakthroughs in endovascular treatment of complicated aortic dissection, especially the Stanford B type aortic dissection involving aortic arch diseases, which has aroused wide attention of the world.Professionals remark that the Vascular Surgery Department of the Second Xiangya Hospital is a world leading in endovascular diagnosis and treatment of high-risk, acute and complicated aortic arch diseases and the effects.

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