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The Research Team Led by Prof. Cai Zixing Publishes Several Books on Science and Technology
December 29, 2016Click:

Recently, the research team led by Prof. Cai Zixing published several books on science and technology, including the 5th edition of Artificial Intelligence and its Application, the 3rd edition of Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and the 1st edition of Key Techniques of Navigation Control for Mobile Robots under Unknown Environment. These books have beensuccessively published by Tsinghua University Press, Higher Education Press and Science Press.




More than 500 thousand copies of the first two books have been sold to millions of readers. As a result, the two books have become best-sellers on artificial intelligence in China andare leading the new trend in the development of books on artificial intelligence. Key Techniques of Navigation Control for Mobile Robots under Unknown Environment is a new English book on mobile robots, the achievement of the research team in mobile robots and intelligent drive in recent years.

In addition, Perception, Mapping and Target Tracking of Intelligent Vehicles, another book by the research team led by Prof. Cai Zixing, is in the process of publication in Science Press. The book introduces key technologies and research experience of the research team in various sensor signals processing, recognition of traffic signs, mapping of operation environment and navigation-controlled target tracking of intelligent vehicles. It has gained support of National Publication Fund, and is the special focus of Science Press.

The two books by the team, one published and the other being published by Science Press, summarize the main research achievements of the Key Program and Major Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China. They boast high theory level, and can guide those engaged in researches on navigation control of mobile robots and intelligent drive.



According to statistics, the books were finished by joint efforts of over 20 members of the research team led by Prof. Cai Zixing.


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