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Visit to CSU by Yale-China Association’s Delegation
October 28, 2015Click:


On the morning of October 21, the Yale-China Association’s Delegation headed by David Youtz, President of Yale-China Association paid a visit to CSU. Back then, President Zhang Yaoxue, Vice President Zhang Zhuohua, and responsible persons from International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Management Office of the Xiangya Hospital and Xiangya Hospital met with the distinguished guests and conducted an exchange on promoting the cooperation in the medical and health care between Chinese and American colleges and universities.

At the conference, President Zhang Yaoxue pointed out the challenges confronting China in its reform of medical and health care and the management system of hospitals. He hoped that with the support of Yale-China Association, prestigious colleges and universities in America could conduct close cooperation with CSU in such areas as the reform of China’s medical and health care system, reform of medical services in hospital and medical big data. Then he extended heartfelt appreciation to Yale-China Association for its long-term support for CSU.

President Youtz said CSU is the most important partner of Yale-China Association. Both sides have always maintained close cooperation, as a case in point, Yale-China Association has set up in Xiangya Hospital Chia Family Foundation Health Fellowship, Residents’ Scholarship and the like. He also remarked that the delegation would conduct in-depth discussions on the issues put forward by President Zhang Yaoxue over the following days.

Founded in 1901, Yale-China Association is the earliest and the only private non-profit institution of all American universities that is dedicated to boosting the joint cooperation between China and American schools. Founded by graduates from Yale University, this association is committed to elevating the overall quality of both China’s and America’s education and medical and health care, promoting cultural exchange between America and China as well.

Before then, Yale-China Association had sent delegations to visit CSU for exchange for many times. And it has been the first visit of Youtz to CSU since he served as president.


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