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Visit of Three American Professors of Medicine to CSU for Academic Exchanges
November 2, 2015Click:


On the afternoon of October 28, School of Basic Medical Sciences held the 43rd Academic Lecture of Youth Science Association at the academic report hall on the new campus of Xiangya School of Medicine. Invited by Professor Li Zhiyuan, Director of Anatomy and Neurobiology Department, three professors from the United States delivered for CSU teachers and students a wonderful academic report respectively on the frontier progress of obstetrics and gynecology, cell biology, and physiology.

Professor Sarah K. England from Washington University in St. Louis made an academic report entitled “Role of NALCN in regulating myometrial cell excitability”, in which he introduced the research work carried out by his lab focusing on adjustment of electrical activity of uterine smooth muscle cells through NALCN ion channel. Professor Mala S. Mahendroo from the Southwestern Medical Center of University of Texas conducted a report on the title of “Extracellular Matrix Reorganization of the matrix components of endocervical cell at different stages of non-pregnancy and pregnancy. Professor Jennifer Condon also gave a report titled “The Uterine Unfolded Protein Response Regulates Gestational Length”, describing the role of the uterus non-folding proteins in the regulation of pregnancy.

Hosted by Professor Li Zhiyuan from CSU, the English academic report won fits of applause and the fluent English of medical college students left a deep impression on American professors. “I started studying at the School of Basic Medical Sciences as a postgraduate, and five years of such high-level academic exchanges have seen fruitful progress in me.” said Hu Tu, a PHD student from Department of Human Anatomy and Neurobiology. “With the introduction of advanced knowledge and technology, I increasingly realize that I should strive to broaden my horizon while I’m still young.”


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