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The First Prize Won by CSU in the Ninth Chemical Engineering Design Competition for College Students
August 27, 2015Click:

On August 24, finals of the Ninth Chemical Engineering Design Competition for College Students of “Donghua Technology---Mitsui Chemical Cup”, hosted by Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, China Association of Chemical Education, Chemical Education Steering Committee for Institution of Higher Learning and undertaken by Tianjin University, ended in Tianjin. The competition lasted for five months in seven contest areas, in which 920 teams from 238 universities nationwide took part.


The competition is one of the highest chemical levels, with the most participating teams and the greatest impact in China. This year’s topic is to design a branch which will adopt the cleaner production processes to prepare glycol for a large-scale comprehensive chemical company, which requires participating students to complete the project feasibility study, process route selection, chemical layout, material and heat balance, equipment selection and calculation, drawing generation, 3D animation, environmental security and economic accounting, and to display the design content within 20 minutes. The competition, featuring in a very wide-range coverage, short time, heavy tasks, extreme difficulties and challenges, fully reflects the request of students to solve the “complex engineering problems” for professional certification by Ministry of Education, inspects students’ engineering ability, innovation ability and comprehensive quality in an all-round way and also provides a good communication platform for the universities.

A total of 90 students from 18 teams of CSU, under the guidance of such teachers as Man Ruilin, Li Haipu, Ye Hongqi and Jin Yisu, took part in the competition. In the preliminary of the South China Division, the representative team of “New Horizon”, composed of such five students as Liu Depei, Ding Hengtao, Wang Yongzhen, Huang Bin and Guo Yanni, won the grand prize and the national first prize in the final at Tianjin University. Besides, the “Wings Team” won the national second award.





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