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Newsreel of Xiangya Hospital Displayed on a Giant Electronic Screen in New York Times Square
August 24, 2015Click:

At 9:18 a.m. Eastern Time of August 6 (21:18 p.m. Beijing Time of August 6 ), the 30-second newsreel of “For a mission across ten thousand miles, With boundless love for families and countries”, produced by Xiangya Hospital for the Fifth Chinese (Hunan) Medical Team to Aid Sierra Leone against Ebola, together with the pictures, were adopted by PR Newswire and displayed on the giant outdoor electronic screen of NY Times Square, namely the global Media Center, and were given 5 times rolling broadcast.

On May 9, the Fifth Chinese (Hunan) Medical Team to Aid Sierra Leone against Ebola, commissioned by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China, founded by Health and Family Planning Commission of Hunan Province and led by Xiangya Hospital of CSU, departed for Sierra Leone. More than 50 days of arduous work saw the world love of 40 team members, who inherited and carried forward the spirit of international humanitarian with superb medical skills and soldiers’ bravery, completed such missions as successful treatment of three confirmed cases of Ebola, transformation of Sino-Sierra Leone Friendship Hospital and inventory and hand-over of 15000 surplus materials to aid Sierra Leone against Ebola, made gratifying achievements of “ victorious battle, zero infection, all cured” and were widely praised by the international community.


New York Times Square, known as “Crossroads of the World” and “American Heart”, boasts an outdoor electronic display of PR Newswire, which daily attracts hundreds of thousands of audiences. On the morning of August 6, overseas alumni and students of Xiangya gathered early in front of the outdoor electronic display to celebrate this remarkable moment. Presentation of the newsreel images on the big screen in NY Times Square stirred overseas alumni and overseas Chinese students into sudden thunderous applause, and in the meanwhile passing people around the world also stopped to enjoy the film. Prolonged applause and cheers accompanied the whole newsreel.

It is said that it is the first time for the newsreel of China’s medical and health institutions to have a display on the news screen in NY Times Square. Appearance of this newsreel demonstrates the elegant demeanor of Chinese health care workers and Hunan Xiangya and undoubtedly provides more people abroad from all walks of life with an opportunity to know Xiangya Hospital, to learn Central South University and to pay close attention to Chinese foreign aid medical and health undertakings.





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