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Greater Achievements Made by the Shooting Team of CSU
August 24, 2015Click:

On July 30, the 2015 National Undergraduate Shooting Championships, hosted by the Shooting and Archery Sports Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China and organized by the Shooting Branch of Federation of University Sports of China, came to an end in the Changxing sports training base of Huzhou, Zhejiang.

After fierce competition, the shooting team of CSU achieved excellent results of four gold, six silver and five copper, and ranked second of Group A, first of Group B. Among them, Liu Zhiguo, Wu Peng, and Zhao Ying, broke the record of the sports events they participated respectively. What’s more, CSU made three consecutive championships in the Group A women’s 10-meter air pistol event.


Nearly 200 athletes from such ten universities and more as Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Central South University, and Southeast University participated in this competition. The scientific training of athletes and their courage to face difficulties empowered CSU to achieve such a significant success in such a competitive environment, which fully demonstrated the competitive attitude of CSU students.




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