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Chapter 6 Honorary Doctorate Degree

Article 20 Upon the recommendation of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and with the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, those who meet one of the following requirements may be granted an honorary doctorate degree:

1) The foreign and domestic scientists and scholars who have contributions to the development of science or great academic attainments to be able to enhance the academic level of our country through their scientific achievement s or academic activities.

2) Well-known politicians and social activists at home and abroad who devote themselves to safeguarding world peace and human progress, and make a positive contribution to socialism construction in China.

Chapter 7 Miscellaneous

Article 21 International Students studying in our school and foreign scholars engaged in research work in CSU shall apply for academic degrees according to this Regulation.

Article 22 Measures of conferring degrees to those who have the same educational level shall be formulated separately.

Article 23 If wrongly granted degrees are confirmed, or irregularities, fraudulent practices or other situations in gross violation of the provisions of these Regulations are discovered, the academic degree evaluation committee shall make a decision to revoke the degrees already conferred after reconsideration.

Article 24 These Regulations shall be interpreted by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee Office and shall go into effect on the day they are issued, and the original "Central South University degree-granting Temporary Provisions" (in Dayan [2001] No.16) shall be repealed simultaneously.

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