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Article 6 The Academic Degree Evaluation Sub-committees are to be set up by the secondary school, department or discipline groups with members of 7 to 15 (singular) including one chairman, 1 to 3 vice chairmen, and one secretary. Generally speaking, the chairman of the sub-committee has a concurrent post in the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee.

The sun-committees are made up of professors from related disciplines and specialties, which serve to assist the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee to carry out the work.

Article 7 Members of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee shall perform the following duties:

1) Examining and approving the roll of master’s degree applicants;

2) Determining the test subjects for students of the master’s degree, the examination scope of the basic theoretical and professional courses for students of the doctoral degree and the related member roll of the examination committee;

3) Examining and approving the applicant roll of master’s degree to exempt from some course examinations;

4) Examining and approving the roll of dissertation scorers and the dissertation defense committee members;

5) Making the decision of master’s degree conferring;

6) Recommending the applicant roll of doctoral degree;

7) Recommending the roll of the disciplines and specialties to be authorized master’s or doctoral degree, and the concerned supervisors;

8) Examining and approving supervisors of masters and doctors;

9) Recommending excellent doctor and master dissertation; and

10) Specific regulations and methods of the academic degree conferring are to be formulated in accordance with the basic requirements of this Regulation and the reality of concerned secondary school, department and discipline.

Article 8 Only with approval of at least half the number of the crew in the secret ballot may the resolution of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and sub-committee be considered valid.

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