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Chapter 2 Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and Sub-committees

Article 4 The academic degree evaluation committee has 25 to 35 members in total with a three-year term, including one chairman and 2 or 3 vice chairmen. Its office of academic affairs is subordinate to the Postgraduate School. General speaking, the post of chairman is held by the principal while the members, in principle, are to be chosen and employed from the professors and supervisors of the doctoral and master’ degree after a discussion in the school assembly.

Article 5 Members in the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee shall perform the following duties:

1) Approving the student roll of master’s degree conferring;

2) Examining the qualification of dissertation defense applicants with an equivalent educational level;

3) Examining and approving the roll of doctoral degree applicants to exempt from some or all course examinations;

4) Making the decision of doctoral degree conferring;

5) Making the decision of revoking the conferred academic degree against the related regulations;

6) Approving the nomination of honorable doctors;

7) Examining and approving on their own the disciplines and specialties to be authorized the doctoral and master’s degree within limits of authority;

8) Examining, approving and submitting the disciplines and specialties to be authorized the doctoral or master’s degree to the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the Council;

9) Evaluating and employing supervisors of doctors;

10) Examining and evaluating the conferring work of academic degrees; and

11) Studying and handling the disputes and other matters in the academic degree conferring.

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