Schools Aier Opthalmology Introduction

Aier Opthalmology

Aier School of Ophthalmology is a secondary college of Central South University, jointly established by Central South University and Aier Eye Hospital Group. As the only vice-ministerial level university, Central South University is first acceded to the “Project 211” and “Project 985” of China’s Higher Education and is among universities with the most comprehensive strength. Aier Eye Hospital Group, as the largest eye chain hospital group and the only listed enterprise in the flied, possesses strong financial strength and rich clinic resources from its 50 professional eye hospitals.


From the height of historical responsibility and strategic development, Central South University and Aier Eye Hospital Group emphasize and establish the first domestic ophthalmic college with advancing vision, open mind and innovative ideas. Aier School of Ophthalmology, Central South University, as the first specialized ophthalmic college within the country, marks as a milestone that changed the history of no specialized eye educational institution. The establishment of Aier School is an exploration and practice of cooperation between social capital and university, which gives a profound impact on the medical education reform in our country.


Aier School of Ophthalmology, Central South University is an institution that aims at cultivating advanced ophthalmic talents. We determine to educate postgraduate and doctorate students on the basis of absorbing outstanding undergraduate students from all over the country. Every year, 30 postgraduates and 10 doctoral students are enrolled. Aier School of Ophthalmology is an open platform with resource sharing by the university and Aier Group, while advantages of Central South University were inherited, innovation was implemented at the same time. Adhering to the cooperative principle of co-construction, co-administration, sharing and double win, Aier School of Ophthalmology bears a brand new educational philosophy and distinctive education features, the school carry out dean responsibility system under the administration of authorized council from both sides.


In order to improve the technical ability and academic level, to strengthen the development of ophthalmology and to achieve a combination of talent absorption and employment, and the innovative form of medical education and research, Aier integrates talent training, scientific research and clinical practice so that the combination of eye care service, education and research would be put into effort. The establishment of Aier School solves the shortage of talents and surgical capability, is a beneficial exploration and innovation of ophthalmology educational reform, and also a significant demonstration to China’s medical reform. Aier School hires and invites numerous eminent experts to teach, including members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Ophthalmology Society, M.D.s etc. The establishment of the college and the innovative design of its operation management model make a combining system between college and hospital, doctors and teachers, theory and practice, clinic and scientific research, study and work, which maximize a close integration and achieve a seamless connection of clinical teaching, research and academics. This system and school-running concept make the clinical skills improvement and scientific breakthroughs easily realizable, and make college teaching and scientific research internationally synchronized. The founding of Aier School will build bridges of resources with the government, society, market, industry and cooperators, which allows it and Aier Ophthalmology to obtain rich resources in project application, policy support, problem solving and industrial information services, so that Aier School can attract talents and cultivate elite with its open platform, in order to build a domestic and international leading discipline of ophthalmology.