Schools Geosciences and Info-physics Curriculum

Geosciences and Info-physics

Undergraduate Graduate

    Fundamentals of Surveying and Mapping

    Fundamentals of Error Theory and Surveying Adjustment

    Control Surveying


    Principle and Method of Remote Sensing

    Engineering Surveying

    Principles and Applications of GIS

    GPS Surveying and Data Processing

    Fundamentals of SurveyingPrograms Design

    Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar

    Surveying Management and Laws

    Outline of Cartography

    Physical Geography

    Object-Oriented Programming

    Data Structure and Algorithm

    Database Principle and Technology

    Introduction to GIS

    Remote Sensing Principle and Application

    Spatial Database

    Spatial Analysis

    Geographical Information System Project and Application

    Secondary Development of Geographic Information System

    Geophysical Field Theory

    Electrical Exploration

    Electromagnetic Prospecting and Application

    Seismic Exploration Theory

    Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation

    Gravity and Magnetic prospecting

    Data Processing and Inversion of Geophysics

    Fundamentals of Electronic Technology

    Signals and Systems

    Geophysical Instrument Design


    General Geology

    Structural Geology

    Petrology, Soil Mechanics and Foundation

    Drilling and Tunneling Technology

    Geotechnical Investigation

    The Slope Stability Analysis and Retaining Structure

    Mineral Deposit Geology

    Exploration Geology


    Geotechnical Drilling and Tunneling Equipment

    Geotechnical Construction Engineering

    Overview of Mining Development

    Drilling Technology in Complex Formation

    Drilling Rocks Engineering

    Crystallization and Mineralogy

    Crystal Optical





    Digital Signal Processing

    Principle of Automatic Control

    Principles of Medical Instruments

    Medical Image Processing

    Principles of Medical Imaging

    Biomedical Sensors


    Digital Image Processing

    The Fundamental of Photogrammetry

    Digital Photogrammetry

    Microwave Remote Sensing

    Remote Sensing Geology


    Frontiers of techniques for metallogenic prognosis

    Frontiers of Environmental Geology

    Special issue of drilling technology

    Numerical Simulation for Geotechnical Engineering,

    The new technology of geological engineering testing

    Diamond properties and Applications

    New progress in Geological Engineering

    Frontier and progress of electromagnetic exploration

    Frontiers and Progress of Gravity and magnetic exploration

    Seismic exploration frontier and progress

    Advance and development of Safety Information Engineering  

    Modern Photogrammetry

    Advanced Theories and Technologies in GIS

    Advance in geo information technology

    Introduction to Computational Geosciences

    Advances in geophysical exploration

    Case analysis of geophysical prospecting

    Theory and method of geographic information system

    Introduction to geo information technology

    Digital Method of Resource Prediction and Evaluation

    Land resources information system

    3D Modeling and Visualization in Geology

    Petrology under Microscope

    Metallogenetic Structure

    Advanced Study of Mineral Deposits

    Metallogenetic prediction

    Earth Science Frontiers



    Modern Progress in Spatial Data Error Processing Theory

    Modern Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

    The Forefront of Modern Geodetic Theory and Method

    Generalized Surveying Adjustment


    Frontiers of Biomedical Sensors

    Frontiers of Medical Image Processing

    Emerging Technology of Medical Imaging

    The Development of Bio-informatics



    Courses in English

    Geological Engineering English

    Principle and Application of Geophysical Sensors