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    Courses for undergraduates

    Principles of Political ScienceIntroduction of ManagementCritical thinking and argumentationSocial Research MethodsPublic AdministrationHistory of Western Administrative TheoriesHistory of Chinese Political ThoughtChinese Traditional Administrative ThoughtsSelected Classics of Western  ManagementOrganizational Behavior English for public AdministrationScience of Administrative LeadershipHistory of Western Political ThoughtsHistory of Chinese political systemPublic PolicyPublic FinanceAdministrative EthicsElectronic GovernmentPublic Administration Case StudyHuman Resources ManagementNonprofit Organization ManagementPublic OrganizationManagement of Public UtilitiesGovernment Performance ManagementFoundation of Communicational SciencePublic RelationsPublic Crisis ManagementGovernment ProcessScience & technology and public policyResearch Methods in Public AdministrationCivil Servant SystemAdministrative LawSocial PsychologyNew Institutional EconomicsArts and Skills on Management CommunicationEssay and Official document writingLocal Government ManagementAdministrative SupervisionTheory and Practice of Government ReformManagement of Government AgenciesEducation Policy and ManagementComparative AdministrationUrban ManagementUrban EconomicsUrban Development and Real Estate PolicyMarketing of Nonprofit-organizationIntroduction to Social SecurityComparative Social Security SystemSocial WelfareSocial assistancePractice of Social InsurancePerformance and Compensation Management

    sociologyFreshman SeminarTo the Thinking of SociologyThe introduction to SociologySocial Research MethodologySocial StatisticsPolitical SociologyAnthropologyUrban SociologyPolitical SociologySocial psychologyContemporary Sociology TheoryCommunity Construction and ManagementStatistical Package for the Social ScienceRural SociologySocial policyGenderMarriage and FamilyMethod and Practice of Counseling PsychologySociology of developmentEconomic BaseHistory of Social Thoughts in chinaOrganizational SociologyFolkloreSocial Affairs ManagementPropaganda SociologyHuman Resources ManagementNationality  and  SocietySocial WorkSocial Programming and EvaluationDemographyHistory of Western Social ThoughtEconomic SociologyPopulation SociologySocial SecurityFrontiers Study of ReligionsSocial Programming and EvaluationJournalismLabour Relations (including Labour dispute and Arbitration)The Study on Social Current Urgent IssuesPractice  of  social  workChinese Traditional Cultural StudyPractice of Social researchScience of InvestmentEnterprise schemingAdministration of Social Insurance Funds


    Courses for academic master: NGO and Civil Society: Theory and Practice,Research in Comparative Higher EducationComparative Public ManagementResearch in Comparative Education, City Management and Community GovernanceMonographic study of urban sociologyPrinciples and Methods of Teaching in CollegeResearch in Culture of Universityphilosophy   Moral Psychologystudy on nursing ethicsEnvironmental sociology  Technology Philosophy   Special Theoretical Issues in Teacher Education   teaching cognitive theory  Educational Innovation  Educational InnovationEducational management Theories of Educational Management, Fundamental Theories of Education Fundamental Theory of Education, Educational Research MethodologyEducational Ethicseducation and social psychologyhistory of education thoughtEducational Psychologydissertation of Educational policy and Lawthe science of education policyEducation Policy and ManagementEconomic SociologyPrinciples of EconomicsScience, Technology and SocietyOriginal Readings of Philosophy of Science and TechnologySome special topics on philosophy of science and technologyOriginal Readings of Philosophy of Science and TechnologySome special topics on philosophy of science and technologyhistory of scientific thoughtSpecial Issues in Curriculum Development and Instruction Designthe sociology of curriculum, the issue of aging problem,study on clinical ethics, Research on ethics master worksLogicsPhilosophy of LogicSpecial Topics of Marxist Philosophy,, special subject of aesthetics, National Culture, A special study on Chinese philosophy of Ming and Qing dynasty, Model Logic,  nographic study of Rural sociology, Continental Philosophy, Sociology of enterprise, sociology for youth, Regional Economy and Social Development, Population Economics, Population Sociology: Theory and Practice, Theories and Methods of Anthropology, Anthropological theory and method, Anthropological field work to investigate, Guiding Reading the Work on Anthropology, Anthropological studies, Human Resource Management Topics, Human Resource Management, Bibliography for Humanistic and Social Sciences, Bibliography for Humanistic and Social Sciences, social survey and statistics  Social Investigation and Statistics, Social development and modernization, Social Stratification and Mobility,  Social History Research,, SPSS for windows, Change of Society and Culture, Studies of Social Problems and Social Policies, Social Psychology and Behavior, Social Gender, Marriage, and Family,  Study on Sociological Current Issues Social and Politics Movement Social Policy  Study of Community SecurityCommunity Development Police and Social Impact Assessment Community Building and Social, Development  Community Study, Market Demography, Land management and Environment Governance, History of Higher Education in Foreign CountriesReadings from Foreign Classics in EducationStudies of World History of Educationclassic readings of foreign philosophyForeign Philosophy ProjectCulture Comparative StudiesIntroduction on Public Management Science in the West, Western Ethical History, History of West Logic, WESTERN MARXISM, Sociological TheoryWestern sociology classicshistory of western philosophy, Philosophy Research in Pre-Qin Dynasty, Modern inductive logic Introduction to Husserlian Phenomenology. Introduction to Husserlian Phenomenology, The Philosophy of Min, Metaphysics Research in Degree and Graduate Education, First-order logic, Logic, study on medical ethics,, Medical Anthropology, introduction to medical philosophy of science and technology , Special Topics about The Zhou Book of Change, Special Topics about The Zhou Book of ChangeApplied Ethics, Applied Anthropology, Special Issues On Institutional Research, Basic philosophical problems, Essentials of philosophy,  Approaching to philosophy and writing dissertation, Philosophy and epoch, Special Topics of Government Performance Management, Social Movements and Collective Action, On political philosophy, Syllabus for Vocational Education , History of Higher Education in China, Selected Readings in Chinese Classics of Education, Special Subjects on the History of Chinese Education, China Society, Selected Sutra-Reading about Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, The Wisdom in Chinese Philosophy and practice, A Special Subject on Chinese philosophy, Psychological Education in Middle and Primary Schools, Sociology of Religion, classical works of religious philosophy,  Religious studies, Organization Behavior.

    Courses for professional masterMonographic Study of Industrial Policy,  City Government, Urban Community Management, Local Governance, E-government, Women Social work, Advanced Social Work Practice, Public Sector Human Resource Management, Strategic Management of Public, Public finance, Comparative Study of, Public leadership theory and leadership, Public Project Assessment, Public Administrative Supervision, Public Policy Process, Specific Study of the Management of Public Organization, Document Writing, Comparatives of public servants system, Researching on the reform of elementary education, Family Social, Education administration case analysis, Theories of Educational Management, educational economy, Education statistics and evaluation, Education policy and law, Intercultural Communication and English Teachings, Social Work with Elders, Civil administration work, Adolescents Psychological Development and Education, Human Behavior and The Social Environment, Social security theory and system, Social Service, Social Services and Project Management, Social Services and Project Management , Social Work Methods , Modern Social Work Theory , ethics in social work , Social Work , Social Work Practice , Social Assistance , social affairs managements, social  stafistics, Social Research Method, Social Policies, Social Policies, Social correction, Community Social Wor, Community Social Work, Mathematics Teaching Design and Case Analysis, Mathematics Education Measurement and Evaluation, Mathematics Curriculum and Textbook Analysis,  Basic and Frontier Issues of Mathematics, Basic and Frontier Issues of Mathematics,  Research methods of foreign language teaching, Theory and method of Foreign Language, English Curriculum and Textbook Analysis, Specials Issues in English Studies——Readings from English Classics, Inter-government relations, Primary and secondary education Research, Psychological Education in Middle and Primary Schools.

    Courses for MPA: Non-profit organization management, Public Sector Human Resources Management, Science of Public Administration, Public Economics, Public leadership theory and leadership, Public crisis Management, analysis on public policy, Management Communication, Regional economic development and corporate strategy, social psychology, Methods of Social Research, Administrative Law Seminar, Public Ethics Project, Governmental process, Political Science, The practice of professional social.

    Courses for doctor: Frontier Issues of Contemporary Philosophy, Issues of Philosophy of ManagementEssentials of management philosophy classicsS&T Innovation and Management TechnologySome basic problems on philosophy of science and technologyEthical Reality Problems and Research MethodsThe Basic Question of Ethics Classical books of ethicsBasic problems of Chinese philosophyEthics Review FrontiersEthics Review FrontiersThe Essential Issues of Marxist philosophyAesthetic ideologysocial management leading-edgeThe Frontiers of SociologySocial Policy FrontiesSocial Policies Theoretical ResearchBioethicsThe Ethics of Biomedical ResearchThe Ethical issues of modern life technologyResearch on Special Subject of Art PhilosophyGovernment Decision and National ManagementAesthetic History of ChinaBasic problems of Chinese philosophyStudy Sutra-Reading about Chinese PhilosophyResearch Methods for Organizational Management and PolicResearch methods of organizational management and policyResearch Methods of Organizational Management and Policy