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On August 11-14, the Sixteenth International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology(ICEPT2015), sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and IEEE-CPMT and undertaken by Chinese Electronic Manufacturing and Packaging Technology Branch of Institute of Electronics and CSU (the national key laboratory for high performance complex manufacturing) was held in Changsha. More than 600 experts, scholars and other representatives from nearly 20 countries and regions attended the meeting.

Nine well-known scholars and experts including Dr. Jie Xue, current President of US IEEE-CPMT, Professor Rao Tummala, Director of the Packaging Research Center of Georgia Institute of Technology and Rolf Aschenbrenner, Director of the German Fraunhofer IZM Institute were invited to make special keynote reports. Among them, Professor Zhu Wenhui from the national key laboratory for high performance complex manufacturing of CSU, made a report on China’s advanced packaging industry and research status quo. Professor Kouchi Zhang from University of Delft, former President of IEEE-CPMT, Professor Ricky Lee from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Professor Xuejun Fan from Lamar University in the US, and Professor Johan Liu, Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering co-chaired the meeting.

More than 430 contributed theses were received in the meeting, which covered such subjects as advanced packaging and system integration, packaging materials and process, packaging design and simulation, interconnection technology, packaging technology and equipment manufacturing, quality and reliability, solid-state lighting package and integration, microwave power device packaging and the emerging field of packaging. Delegates exchanged their views on the latest advances in electronic packaging technologies in such forms of seminars, special reports, thematic forums, oral presentations and poster presentations.

Professor Zhu Wuhui from the national key laboratory for high performance complex manufacturing of CSU, acted as Chairman of the Technical Committee of this conference. Department of Micro-systems Manufacturing Science and Engineering, under his leadership, undertook such work as conference papers collection, review, publication, and on-site organization. This meeting further strengthens exchanges and cooperation between CSU and experts and scholars at home and abroad in the field of microelectronics manufacturing, has a good effect on establishing the preponderant disciplinary status of electronic packaging, and expanding the popularity of CSU in related research fields, and also strengthens links between CSU and industries.