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Recently, the 4th Munich International Summer Academy of Practical Dermatology, ISA2015 for short, was held in Munich, a southern city of Germany. After the strict selection from China’s major academies by the Dermatology of Chinese Medical Association, Dermatologist Long Hai from Xiangya Hospital of CSU obtained funding from the organizers, and were invited to attend this meeting to make two academic reports, in which he introduced the achievements the dermatology team led by Professor Lu Qianjin, the first “Xiangya Doctors” of CSU had made in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb skin ulcer disease.

ISA, sponsored by the world-famous Munich University, is held every two years and has been successfully held for three times. Dermatology Department of Munich University, having been the first in Germany for many years, is one of the Dermatology in Europe with the largest scale and with the most complete and most comprehensive professions. Then Professor Thomas Ruzicka, President of the ISA2015, and many famous scholars and experts from around the world were invited to give lectures. Academic contents of the conference covered almost all the fields of dermatology clinical work, such as genetic dermatology, infectious skin diseases, mycology, autoimmune diseases, dermatologic surgery, skin histopathology and laser cosmetology and plastic. Moreover, a large number of medical training workshops for diagnosis and treatment of new technology were opened. The academic forum of EUSCLE and Germany’s dermatology joint meeting with many countries such as Italy, Hungary and Israel were held in the same period. Rich and wonderful academic contents attracted over a thousand dermatologists from all over the world to have exchanges and learning.

Professor Michael Meurer & Professor Matilda Bylaite

In such two sessions as “Global Potpourri” and “Dermatology in China”, Dermatologist Long Hai made two brilliant English academic reports respectively on the topic of “Rapidly Progressing Leg Ulcer with Fever: Infection or others?” and “Pyoderma Gangrenosum: Diagnostic Pitfalls in Clinical Practice”. Such two hosts, Professor Michael Meurer, former President of Germany-Japan Association of Dermatology and Director of Dermatology of Dresden University and Professor Matilda Bylaite, President of the Lithuanian Academy of Dermatology and Director of Dermatology Center of the Vilnius University Hospital, highly appreciated the wonderful lectures delivered by Dermatologist Long Hai and the excellent work the dermatology team of the Second Xiangya Hospital had done in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb skin ulcer disease .    

During the meeting, Dermatologist Long Hai also attended the academic forum of EUSCLE, in which he introduced the national multi-center clinical research project of LEMCSC led by Professor Lu Qianjin from CSU. The project, currently 27 domestic units and a total of two thousand cases of patients included, has overall good progress, of which Professor Annegret Kuhn, President of EUSCLE, thought so highly that he sincerely invited the team led by Professor Lu from CSU to cooperate and work together with their counterparts in Europe so as to overcome this complex disease of lupus erythematosus.