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zhuliZhu Li

BE in Industrial Design of Hunan UniversityMasterPhD in Architecture and Environment Design of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhu Li is the director of Environmental Design Discipline at the School of Art and Architecture of Central South University and also serves as ProfessorDoctoral supervisor and the Vice Dean of the school. Besides, he is an academic member of Environmental Design Art Committee of China Artists Association and an expert judge of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Evaluation Expert Group of MOE of PRC.

Research Areas: Design EthicsNonlinear Space.

TeachingOverall Environmental DesignArtistic Creation Method ResearchCommercial Space Design.

Ethical criticism of Chinese contemporary urban construction”、“ Lifestyle and environmental ethics”、“Ecology ethical conception of Chinese traditional human settlementand the other thirty articles were published in Academics in ChinaArt & DesignArts Criticism


Residential interior design conception research of Ming dynasty in ChinaChina Building Industry Press.

Art design of nonlinear spaceHunan Fine Arts Press.


Commercial Space DesignHigher Education Press. National Planned Textbook of 12th Five-Year Plan of MOE of PRC.

E-mail: 2413858174@qq.com