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Wang Xijun, a native of Shuangfeng County in Hunan province, born in Longhui County. He graduated from Central South University and Capital Normal University successively, being awarded Bachelor of Engineering and a second bachelor of law. Wang studied under the supervision of Mr. Ouyang Zhongshi who is a famous calligrapher and calligraphy education theorist. He used to serve as the president and the secretary of party committee at School of Art in Central South University from 2005 to 2011. Now he is the president and the secretary of party committee of School of Architecture and Arts. He is also a Professor and advisor for Calligraphy postgraduate. In 2013 ,He was selected as one of the first group of “Three Hundred Project” which is to support literary talents in Hunan province.

Research areaWang mainly researches on art management and Chinese calligraphy. He has published more than fifty articles and five books. Moreover, he has undertaken five international or provincial projects and has cooperative projects with enterprises.


Wang teaches many master courses, such as Art Management, Classic calligraphy Appreciation, Calligraphy Aesthetics.

Main journal articles

Li Zhirong, Wang Xijun. Luxury consumption and mass media. [J].Seeker,2008(02);

Li Zhirong, Wang Xijun. Mass media guide to a healthy and harmonious luxury consumption. [J]. Xinhua digest, 2008;

Wang Xijun, Wang Wei. Essence of Enterprise artistic creativity, purpose and expressions.[J]. Art Research Management Vol, Southeast University Press, 2012(11);

Wang Xijun, Li Jingming. On the art of management to determine the object of study.[J]. Guizhou University, (ART EDITION), 2012(10),

Wang Xijun, Lie, Role in the process of "pre-understanding of the structure," accepted aesthetic. [J]. Central South University Social Sciences,2013(10)

The mainly published books are as following

Main book publication

Wang Xijun, Wang Yuan Jian ,Calligraphy Appreciation, [M],Hunan University Press, Published in October 2008, 280,000 words, ;

Observation of Oriental Art - Wang Xijun calligraphy works, [M],Central South University Press, March 2012;

Wang Xijun, Li Jingming, Arts Management, [M],Central South University Press, September 2012 published, 312000 word, ISBN: ISBN 987-7-5487-0664-9;

Wang Xijun, Hu Miao, Fireworks and Aesthetics - Liuyang Fireworks Industry Transformation, [M]Central South University Pressl, August 2013, ISBN: ISBN 978-7-5487-0904-6.

Professional Affiliations:

Major social position: Vice-President of Hunan Calligraphers Association;

Member in Chinese Calligraphers Association;

Director of National Art Society;

Executive director of Chinese Association of Higher Education Aesthetic;

Executive director of Hunan Cultural Communicate Association;

Central South University (Social Science Edition) Editorial Member;

Instructor of MBA, Central South University.

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