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C:\Users\hy\Desktop\图片11.jpg图片11Professor Zhao Xiao Ping

Born in March, 1963, Hengyang, Hunan, PRC

Professional titles:

Dean of the School of Architecture and Art, Central South University

Academic leader of Music

Master’s degree supervisor

Chinese Communist Party member

Education background:

Bachelor’s Degree: Department of Music, Hunan Normal University, 1983 (graduated with A-level)

Master’s Degree: Postgraduate Diploma program, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, 1989

Professional Affiliations:

Member of Chinese Musicians Association

Member of Hunan Literature and Art Association

Vice president of Hunan Musicians Association

Chairperson of Hunan Vocal Music Committee

Artistic advisor of Singapore Southern Art Research Society

In his 30-year experience as a professional vocal artist, Prof. Zhao has performed at numerous concerts of national and provincial level. Moreover, he has been invited to perform at concerts abroad, such as Poland, Germany, France and Singapore. As a teacher with 30 years of teaching experience, he has cultivated a large number of students who have won all kinds of international and national vocal contests.

Important Performances:

1.  “A Song for Teachers” won the Second price at “Music Composition Contest” held by the Ministry of Education, 2011;

2. Solo at the party of the 9th Conference of Hunan Literature and Art Association;

3. Solo at the concert of artistic communication trip to Singapore, 2009;

4. Invited by the Singapore National Art Committee, and held a solo recital at the Singapore Victoria Concert Hall, 2008;

5. Performed at the concerts during the artistic communication trip to Poland, Germany and France with the Hunan Musicians Association, 2005.

Major Awards:

1. Award of Excellence, at the Chinese Art Songs competition, First Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, 2001;

2. First Prize, at the 5th Hunan TV Vocal Contest for Young Singers, 1989;

3. Third Prize, at the National “Golden Dragon” Vocal Contest, 1988;

4. First Prize, at the 4th Hunan TV Vocal Contest for Young Singers, 1988;

5. First Prize, at the 3rd Hunan TV Vocal Contest for Young Singers, 1987;

6. First Prize, at the 2nd Hunan “Fu Rong Award” for Professional Singers Competition, 1987.

Judge of Some Important Music Events:

1. Judge of the selective contest in Hunan, 9th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music, 2013;

2. Judge of the 13th Hunan TV Vocal Contest for Young Singers, 2010;

3. Judge of the selective contest in Asian, the 40th Verdi Opera Contest, 2010;

4. Judge of the “Colorful Gui Zhou” Vocal Contest, 2010;

5. Judge of the Hong Kong International “Artist” Vocal Contest, 2009;

6. Judge of the Vocal Contest of Hunan Art Festival, 2009;

7. Judge of the First Hunan Local Singer Competition, 2009.

Journal Articles:

1. Zhao, X.P. (2015) “Analysis of the Art Concepts within Ethics”, Journal of GuangXi Normal University;

2. Zhao, X.P. (2012) music piece “A Song for the Teachers”, Music Composition;

3. Zhao, X. P. (2006) “Artistic Values and Music Skills in Chinese Art Songs”, Music Education Theory and Music Composition;

4. Zhao, X. P. (2003) “Explore ‘Voice’ and ‘Emotion’ in Music”, won the first prize in the Competition of Art Education Research Articles in Hunan;

5. Zhao, X. P. (2002) “The Emotional Input and Output in Vocal Performance”, People’s Music;

6. Zhao, X. P. (2002) “Analysis of Ding Shan De’s Music Piece ‘Thinking of My Bride’”, Vol.4, Music Education Theory and Music Composition.

Book Publications:

1. Zhao, X. P. & Li, J. M. (2013) Exploration in the Theory and Practice of Ethnomusicology, China Commerce and Trade Press.

2. Zhao, X. P. & Yang, P. (2000) Bibliography of Giuseppe Verdi, The Oriental Press.

3. Zhao, X. P. (1998) Bibliography of Hector Berlioz, The Oriental Press.

4. Zhao, X. P., etc. (1999) Album of Bel Canto Classics (edited), Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House.

5. Zhao, X. P., etc. (1999) Repertoire of Vocal Music Pieces for Teaching (edited), People’s Music Publishing House.

Recent Research Projects:

1. Chief investigator, Dance drama “When you were born while I was not”, funded by the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, 2015;

2. Chief investigator, A Historical Research on the Culture of Hunan, funded by the Hunan Social Science Fund, 2013;

3. First participant, A Cultural Study on the Folk music of the Grass-root Musicians in Hunan, funded by the Hunan Social Science Fund, 2013.

4. First participant, A Cross-cultural Research on Grass-root Art, funded by the Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education, 2012;

5. First participant, Research on the Music Culture along the Huai He River; funded by the National Social Science Fund, 2011;

6. Chief investigator, Research on Chinese Singing Styles, funded by the Hunan Social Science Fund, 2013.