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Jingmin LI, male, Han, member of Communist Party of China, was born on March, 1961, County of Xiping, Henan Province. At present, LI is a professor working in School of Architecture and Art, Central South University, and the Deputy Director of Professor Committee, Doctor of Arts/ Music, PhD Supervisor. LI is a member of the Chinese Musician Association, the Deputy President of Hunan Musician Association, an expert in Philosophy & Social Science under the leadership of Minister of Education, a council member of Chinese Traditional Music Association, a council member of National World Folk Music Teaching Society. Also, LI successively held the posts of Deputy Dean of School of Music in Xinyang Normal University. He is also the academics and technology leader of Henan educational system, academic leader of Music and Dance which is a key discipline in Xinyang Normal University, an assessment expert of Humanities & Social Science and Premium Works of Literature & Art in Henan Province. What’s more, LI is the director of Folk Art in the Research Base of Huaihe River Civilization, which is a branch of Henan Humanities & Social Science Study Base, and a member of Professional Committee of Rescuing Intangible Cultural Heritage.


LI has been long engaged in the study and teaching of various areas, such as, Chinese Local Music, Chinese Traditional Music, Ethnomusicology, Folklore, Music Education and the Theory of Chinese National Folk Dance, etc. LI has hosted and completed 4 Arts Scientific Planning Programs at the State-level, 17 Philosophy and Social Science Programs of the Provincial and Ministerial-level.


LI has published monographs including Chinese Traditional Music (composing the part of Central China), edition of Aug., 2008; Studies on Chinese Traditional Art(composing the part of Studies on Traditional Opera),edition of Dec., 2008;Music Studies on the Ceremony of Gang TianShen (independently completed), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, edition of Oct., 2012; Marvelous Melody made by Zhong and Qing: Studies on the Instruments of Zhongli (co-authored), Suzhou University Press, edition of May, 2013; Discovery of the Theories and Practices of National Music (co-authored), China Commerce and Trade Press, edition of Nov., 2013; On the Theory and Practice of the Database Establishment of Central China Traditional Music (co-authored) Henan University Press, edition of Jul., 2014, and has compiled the undergraduate textbooks for music students at the provincial-ministerial level, and the monographs and textbooks have amounted to 10 pieces. LI has published more than 80 papers in various academic journals and collected works, such as Music Studies, Traditional Opera Studies, Music of China, Brass Bells, People’s Music, Sounds of Nature: Journal of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, Journal of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, etc., and won 15 rewards of scientific research above the Provincial and Ministerial-level. Part of the papers are listed as following: Understanding the Music Style of the Cultural Transitional Area from the Melody and Tone of the Folk Song in Western Huaihe River (Sounds of Nature: Journal of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, 2002(4)), Analysis of the Sentence Structure of the Folk Song in Western Huaihe River(Music of China, Journal of China Conservatory of Music, 2003(3) ),On the Foundation of Cha DengA folklore in Southern Henan (Art Explorer: Journal of Guangxi Art Institute, 2005(2)),Musical Notation: the Sign System Bearing the Culture of Chinese Traditional Music(Music of China, Journal of China Conservatory of Music, 2007(3) ),On the Foundation of Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Ethnomusicology(Brass Bells, Journal of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, 2009(3)), On the Diverse Reception Capacity of the Tune in Chinese Folk MusicA Case Study on the Singing of HuaiKouZhuiZiShu(Music of China, Journal of China Conservatory of Music, 2008(3)),Three Conceptions of Utilizing Music During the Gang TianShen Ceremony in Southern Henan and Western Anhui (Music Studies, 2009(5)), Music Studies on the Gang TianShen Ceremony in Southern Henan and Western Anhui(Doctoral Dissertation for Fujian Normal University, 2009(6)),Studies on the Pedigree of Chinese Music Education: from Individual to Group (Music Explorer: Journal of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, 2011(1),) On the Transition and Integration of the Culture of MusicA Case Study on the Essential Features of Folk Music Cultural Area in the Huaihe Basin (Music Studies, 2011(3)),Refined History(People’s Music, 2015(4)), etc.


Besides studies, LI also undertakes the teaching tasks of doctor students, postgraduates and undergraduates in the courses of Chinese Traditional Music, Music Documentation Retrieval and Thesis Writing, Ethnomusicology, Outline of Musicology, Outline of Art, Aesthetics of Music, Philosophy of Art, Chinese National Folk Music, National Folk Dance, Classic Art and School, etc.