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C:\Users\hy\Desktop\图片15.jpg图片15Jiang Ye, Ph.D., professor and Ph.D. supervisor, dean of the department of Fine Art ; director of Watercolor Art Council of Hunan province; member of Chinese Artists Association.

Major: Fine Art

Research areas: creation of painting, aesthetics

Teaching: creation of painting, art, study of watercolor creation

Main published articles: The aesthetic similarities and differences between Chinese and Western painting, The aesthetic route of Chinese ancient gallery bridge

Representative Works: Camouflage Youth, Sunny Bazaar

Camouflage Youth


Sunny Bazaar

Main book publication: Modern realistic watercolor creation, The field work of fine art, Modern landscape painting techniques

Chief editor of 2 book series, The textbook for the major of fine art and design of colleges and universities in the 21th century68 kinds and I do for painting40 kinds.

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