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Professor at School of Architecture and Art, Central South University

Chief Professor of Discipline of Art and First Leader of Discipline of Design at Central South University

Main Member of Constructing the Doctoral Program of Philosophy of Art

Member of China Artists Association

Standing Steward of China Industrial Design Association

Standing Steward of China Machine Industrial Design Society

Member of China Industrial Design Teaching Guidance Committee

Assessment Expert of National Level Project of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture

Vice President of Hunan Industrial Design Association

Member of Expert Committee of Hunan Innovation Platform for Industrial Design

Member of Expert Committee of Central South University


Bachelor’s Degree: Tsinghua University (Department of Industrial Design, Academy of Art and Design)

Master’s Degree: Hunan Normal University (School of Art)

Visiting Scholar at Coventry University, UK (sponsored by government)

Research Interests:

Philosophy of Art; Methodology of Design Art


For Doctoral Student: Methodology of Design Ethics

For Master Student: Art of Design, Theory of Art, Strategy of Product Design, Semantics of Product Form, Research on Product User, Research on Product Design


I published 51 papers in the core Chinese journals such as Art and Design, Literature and Art Forum, Hebei Academic Journal, Packaging Engineering, China Mechanical Engineering, Art Observation, and other journals of provincial lever or above, including 9 papers in Art and Design which belongs to core art journals, 7 papers from CSSCI or CSCD, and 4 winning the award of provincial excellent papers. Five books of mine were published by national first level presses: Semantics of Product Form Design (national level textbook) by Higher Education Press in 2012; Methodology of Product Design by China Light Industry Press in 2005; Skills of Product Design Performance by China Light Industry Press in 2001; Decorative Pictures by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House in 2003; The Fifty Years of Hunan’s Design--Industrial Art by People‘s Fine Arts Publishing House in 2014. Twelve product designs of mine, including Multifunctional Clip, Body of Universal Railway Open Wagon, New-Type Clip, Water Tap, Sprinkler, Desk Lamp, Stereo Device, gained the national Certificate of Utility Model Patent or Certificate of Industrial Design.

I was in charge of 15 great and important research projects of provincial and ministry level or above sponsored by government, in which 6 projects sponsored by government and 8 projects sponsored by enterprise were provincial level or above. I won 27 educational or research achievement awards of provincial level or above. The results of projects designed or developed for Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., China South Railway, Foton, Haier, and other great and important enterprises of national level, such as Pumping Crane Truck Series Components Design (2009), SLC120 Truck Crane Industrial Design (2012), HZS120F Commercial Concrete Mixing Station Industrial Design (2013), 80t General Open Wagon (2012), Train Driver’s Cab Appearance Design (2013), Intelligent Household Electrical Appliances Innovation and Cooperation Project (2014), Train Guide Structure Appearance Design (2015), have been produced in a large number.

My painting works was selected for exhibitions of provincial level or above, winning 12 gold, silver, or bronze awards, in which the relief fresco, Song of Century, was selected for the first National Works Collection Exhibition of Fresco and the 10th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, and won the silver award of provincial exhibition (2007). My traditional Chinese painting, Red Fruit, won the gold award of provincial painting exhibition (2012). My other works—Green Soil, Refreshing Breeze, Heart, Red Leaf, and Song of Century were published in Art and Design and Art Observation (2004-2006). I was invited and successfully held my personal works exhibition of traditional Chinese paintings (25 paintings) in the UK, with three works collected by local government. Many students’ works guided by me won gold, silver, bronze, and excellent works award. I won Excellent Teacher Award in Hunan Colleges Design Competition for 5 times. In 2013, I received the China Top 10 Industrial Design Award (Top 10 Educators)

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