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Eight-year Program Medical Student of Central South University Published Research Result in Nature Communications
March 10, 2017Click:

As a co-first author, Su Rina, an eight-year program medical student published an academic paper onNature Communications (IF: 11.329),“The OncoPPi network of cancer-focused protein–protein interactions to inform biological insights and therapeutic strategies”. The author is from Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory on Dermatoma and Psoriasis of Xiangya Hospital Central South University enrolled in 2007


Over the years, under Professor Chen Xiang’s leadership, Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory on Dermatoma and Psoriasis of Xiangya Hospital has made a lot of achievements in the scientific research of CD147 molecules in dermatoma and psoriasis. From 2013 to 2015, Su Rina participated in a joint education program between Xiangya Hospital and Emory University in the United States, where she received training in scientific research under the guidance of professor Haian Fu, the associate dean of Emory University’s School of Medicine and director of Chemical Biology Discovery Center. She has built a cancer-focused protein-protein interaction network with other members in the research team through high-throughput screening (HTS), independently researched the interaction mechanism between CDK4 and LKB1 in tumors, and further proved the anti-tumor effect of palbociclib, a CDK4 specific inhibitor, thus providing a new clue for oncotherapy. Moreover, Xiangya Hospital has established cooperation with Professor Haian Fu, aiming to combine numerous clinical resources of the Dermatological Department in Xiangya Hospital with the high-throughput screening platform of Emory University. That is expected to greatly promote the transformation from basic research to clinical outcomes, and further advance scientific research.


CSU began to cooperate with medical schools of some internationally famous universities in 2012. Since then, CSU sends eight-year program medical students to many globally noted universities every year for communication and training (covering scientific research training and clinical observation), including Cornell University and Emory University. Up to now, Xiangya Hospital has sent nearly 90 eight-year program students abroad for further study, such as Yale University, Cornell University, Emory University in the U.S. and University of Ottawa in Canada The overseas joint training program for eight-year program students has provided them with an opportunity to receive systematically scientific research training in internationally top universities and laboratories and to have access to the latest scientific development of those internationally acclaimed experts. Meanwhile, the students can participate in various international academic conferences to communicate with and learn from scholars from around the world. In this way, such eight-year program students have greatly improved their scientific research quality and broadened their international vision, thus laying a solid foundation to do better scientific work after returning to China. Up to now, 70% of the eight-year program students in every grade have benefited from this program, and those who have finished their studies abroad have already had their papers published in various journals.

Source: Xiangya Hospital


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