Tian Hongqi: Whoever is brave will overcome all obstacles, whoever is persevering will scale new heights——Speech at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of CSU-Central South University
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Tian Hongqi: Whoever is brave will overcome all obstacles, whoever is persevering will scale new heights——Speech at the 2018 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of CSU
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Dear graduates:

“Another season of youth elevation. Today, we are gathering at the stadium of CSU to witness your take-off. Congratulations! Wish you all the best! my most sincere gratitude and highest respect for your parents and teachers!

This is where we first met each other. This is where we have shared ideas with each other. This is where we start to pursue our dreams. A line in Xun Zi goes like this “In whichever mountain with a jade inside, the grasses are flourish; for whichever chasm with a pearl, the cliffside is full of beings.” You are the pearl and jade of CSU. You have demonstrated your wisdom and beauty in CSU.

The “China Jin” team from the School of Materials Science and Engineering has been in good operation for two decades. You are the angels that touch the heart of CSU.

Xiangya Hospital of CSU won the Special Award of the National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Competition for 6 times. Tan Yuyong from the 2nd Xiangya Hospital of CSU has published 52 papers with a total impact factor of 119. He has even rescued a patient with heart arrest. You have carried on the benevolence of the Xiangya Hospital, a tradition fostered over a century.

The Tianyou Class of the School of Civil Engineering, the Turing Class of the School of Information Science and Engineering and the Engineering Experimental Classes of the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute and the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering have turned their excellence into a habit.

CSU Men’s Basketball Team, which has made it all the way to CUBA Final. Our students’ orchestra has performed on international stages on multiple occasions. All of you make our university more beautiful.

Wu Yujia from the School of Literature & Journalism, Wen Ning from the School of Foreign Languages, Shen Mengkui from the School of Architecture and Art, Feng Chao from the School of Business, Yin Yuhan from the School of Law, Dong Yuanyuan from the School of Marxism, Jiang Yanpeng from the School of Public Administration, Huang Shuai from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Li Ziyuan from the School of Physical Science and Electronics, Zou Guoqiang from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Luo Zhi from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Yang Wantao from the School of Energy Science and Engineering, Wang Mengran from the School of Metallurgical and Environment, Chi Miao from the School of Geosciences and Info-physics, Wang Shaofeng from the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Ge Yimeng from the School of Minerals Processing and Bioengineering, Gu Lite from the School of Software, Dai Gang from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Qi Hui from the Department of P.E, Ou Chunlin from the School of Basic Medical Science, Tian Zhengwen from the School of Public Health, Yu Simin from School of Xiangya Nursing, Yang Tianru from the School of Stomatology, Lv Tong from Xiangya School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wang Chenyu from the School of Life Sciences, Chen Can from Xiangya Hospital, Zhou Yihong from the 3rd Xiangya Hospital……and all of you, my dearest students!

You hold high the banner of CSU!

You give full expression to the spirit of CSU!

You convey the power of CSU!

The seasons of youth are the prelude to a promising future. In this new era, all of you, young man, will have a big role to play in contributing to the country and even the world. My students, are you ready? I have a few ideas to share with you:

Courage is the most convincing proof of insight. Students of CSU should have the coverage to fight. By being courageous, you will be fearless. An old Chinese saying goes like this “Those who have the greatest courage would not be flustered when confronted with a sudden danger, and not be enraged if they be subjected to a willful abuse.” Happiness cannot be found under moonlight or in the greenhouse. It is obtained by working hard. Hard work itself is happiness. All students of CSU should have the courage to face the reality, overcome obstacles and take on heavy responsibilities for the benefit of our people, our country and our nation.

Solidarity is the most convincing proof of power. All students of CSU should concentrate on hard work. Waves gain momentum by converging drops of water. An individual has limited power to change his or her destiny. You should integrate yourselves into the team, the new era and the Chinese dream to generate synergy and power and inspire wisdom and creativity. You should pursue and realize your dreams. The dream of youth is best demonstrated in the Chinese dream. You should devote yourselves to the hard work through solidarity.

Perseverance is the most convincing proof of results. All students of CSU should work hard consistently. Practice makes perfect, and perseverance will prevail. Hard work is the ultimate truth. By working harder than others, you will become more valuable. Without perseverance, you will never reach the ultimate goal even if it is near. By being determined, you will have the direction. By sticking to your dream, you will make choices. By being insistent, you will win. As an indisputable truth, perseverance applies to different stages of life, from childhood to adolescence, from middle age to old age. Please be convinced that no matter how high a mountain is, you will reach the peak as long as you keep climbing; no matter how long a road is, you will reach the end as long as you keep walking.

The history of CSU is a story of how the students of CSU work hard to achieve their dreams. Each generation has its own responsibilities and missions. The baton of the spirit of CSU is now at your hands. Wherever you go, CSU will be with you; the success of CSU will depend on you. Your hardwork is the aspiration of CSU. your success will be the glory of CSU.

Graduation is the starting point of a new journey. I hope all of you would apply your knowledge in practices and meet the pressing demands of our country. I hope that in the face of limitless truth, goodness, beauty, practices, creativity and dream, you answer will be the following: whoever is brave will overcome all obstacles, and whoever is persevering will scale new heights!

Thank you!”

(June 22, 2018)   


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