Always Remember to Be Responsible and Pragmatic—— Speech by CSU President Tian Hongqi at the 2017 Commencement Ceremony -Central South University
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Always Remember to Be Responsible and Pragmatic—— Speech by CSU President Tian Hongqi at the 2017 Commencement Ceremony
June 27, 2017Click:

Dear graduates:

Today youll leave the campus to serve the country and achieve your life purpose. Id like to extend my sincere congratulations and best wishes to you, the graduation class of 2017. Meanwhile, Id also like to sincerely thank your parents and teachers!

How time flies! As CSU President and your alumna, Ive been very concerned about your life and progress.

I know, you once cheered for the installation of air conditioners and water heaters in your dormitory, but complained about poor Internet access; you once gave a thumbs-up to the delicious food in the canteen, but felt blue because of the inconvenient dining facilities in the new campus; and you were once deeply impressed by professors wonderful lectures, but troubled by failures in examinations and love. Anyhow, that is the life we spent together. That is your life in the CSU. Everything here will become your beautiful memories.      

Wu Buchen from the School of Civil Engineering has been in school with his blind mother for more than ten years. Zhang Fuxu from the School of Information Science and Engineering is known as an excellent programmer in the CSU and a role model in the era of big data. Pan Zheng from Xiangya School of Medicine insists on donating blood and has given a better explanation of what a doctor means. Wu Weizheng from the School of Business is good at performing folk opera and has made the stories of CSU known to more people. Jin Guanhua from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering works in the countryside of Xinjiang and has become a real Ph.D champion. Mo Tianchi from the School of Software is physically challenged, but always courageous and inspirational. Of course, there are also many other shining stars and touching stories in the CSU, including Wang Ziming from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Fang Jingyuan from the School of Literature and Journalism, Zheng Xiaoguang from the School of Energy Science and Engineering, Qu Xueqian from the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Ning Ken from the School of Geosciences and Info-physics, Yang Shuo from the School of Metallurgy and Environment, Wu Xinghan from the School of Law, Diao Weidong from the School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Wang Tianyun from the School of Life Sciences, Zhang Chunxiao from the Powder Metallurgy Research Institute, and Zhang Zechao from the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. I want to tell you all that you are so great! Im so proud of you!

Dear graduates, what you did before entering the CSU is actually to become a member of the university, and what you experienced after entering the CSU is just a result of the fact that you have become part of the university. Now you're leaving here and prepared to achieve your life purpose. Please remember to be responsible and pragmatic.    

Being responsible means having the courage to assume responsibility. The CSU has always been a responsible university that never draws back when facing the challenges vital to national strategic demands and socio-economic development. This can be demonstrated by the century-old brand Xiangya School of Medicine, the most complete non-ferrous metal discipline system in China, and the rail transit discipline clusters keeping abreast with the rapid development of Chinese railways.  

Starting from welding electrode business, Liang Wengen, a CSU alumni, has now gained a strong foothold in heavy manufacturing and established Sany Group, creating a few record highs in China and even the world at large. As a leading figure in private heavy manufacturing, by virtue of entrepreneurship and industrial development, Liang has provided a perfect explanation of the responsibility CSU students should take.

Cao Baogang, another CSU alumni, went to Africa after getting his Bachelor Degree. Through 20 years of hard work on the foreign land, Cao greatly contributed to the implementation of the go global strategy of Chinese railways. Meanwhile, Cao has been given the honorary title of chief in two Nigerian regions, which shows how local residents trust, respect and feel grateful to him. With hard work and wisdom, Cao tells the world that the Chinese are reliable, compassionate and responsible!  

Being ambitious but down-to-earth is another excellent quality advocated by the CSU. Many outstanding achievements made by the CSU are a result of hard work, including the geodepression theory created by Mr. Chen Guoda, the trachoma virus discovered by Mr. Tang Feifan, Hous Theory created by Mr. Hou Zhenting, aircraft brake pads invented by the former CSU president Huang Boyun, and transparent computing developed by the former CSU president Zhang Yaoxue.  

The CSU's every dream originates from the love for the country; the CSU's every round of rise reveals the CSU style; the CSU's every start follows the beat of the times; and the CSU's every stride moves toward the future of the nation. Just as China believes that only hard work can rejuvenate a country, the CSU is sure that only hark work can revitalize a university. The CSU will work harder for the rise of China.  

Being responsible and pragmatic is a kind of spirit, a kind of pursuit and a kind of power. I hope you will always be responsible and pragmatic when pursuing your dream.

Dear graduates, a person's life may be brilliant or decadent. As part of the CSU, we cannot and shouldnt leave a decadent life. We should make our life brilliant!

Thank you!

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