Int'l Student Scholarships Content

Regulations on the Management of Chinese Government Scholarship

Article 1 Details on full scholarship of Chinese Government

1Exemption of registration and tuition fees, free basic learning materials and accommodation.

2Provided with comprehensive medical insurance for international students.

3living allowance and once only subsidy for settlement.

4a train ticket (hard-berth train ticket for a trip overnight) will be provided to those who transfer from the port of entry to the city where the institution of major study is located or transfer from the city where they take remedial Chinese language courses to the city where the institution of major study is located

Article 2 The Standard of living allowances of Chinese Government Scholarship

For the undergraduate student, is RMB2500 a month; for the general students for advanced studies and masters, RMB3000, for senior students for advanced studies and doctors, RMB3500.

Article 3 Scholarship granting:

1The living allowances will be allotted monthly to the students from the time of registration at the institution.

2The new students who register before 15th of the registration month will enjoy the whole amount of living allowance of that month; those who register after the 15th will enjoy half amount of that month. Graduates will get the living allowances of 15 days from the graduating time set by the institution.

3The scholarship will be terminated from next month for the students who suspend their studies, drop or graduate from the institution.

4The students are entitled to living allowance during the vacation period arranged by the institution.

5The living allowances will be suspended for one month for the students who do not register on time without permit from the institution beforehand, leave without persuasive reasons or are absent from the institution for over a month. If the circumstances were serious, the institution shall send letter to China Scholarship Council (CSC) and embassies to China to cancel his/her scholarship qualification.

Article 4 Receiving of Scholarship

In order to make sure the roster of scholarship, the student shall go to the International students Administrative Office for a signature in person during 20th to 25th every month. The scholarship will be transferred into the students` accounts on schedule every month. When studying in school, the student can change his/her bank card because of loss or other reasons and fill in the Application Form of Bank Card Alteration for State-financed Students Studying Abroad in CSU

Article 5 Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status

1International students with Chinese government scholarship who study in CSU for more than one year shall accept the annual review every year. Students shall fill in and submit the Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status issued by CSC to the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of CSU in April every year. The examination and appraisal committee of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office shall review based on academic achievements, checking-in, learning attitude, behaviors, reward and punishments, and submit the results of which to CSC for final decision. The ultimate results shall be informed to the student by school.

2The details and standards of examination and appraisal could be found in the notification of the same year.

3In accordance with the Regulations on Punishment of Discipline Violation of International students in CSUthe student who has bad behaviors records such as disregarding the school regulations and disciplines, destroying the public property and fighting with others shall be punished based on Student Disciplinary Regulations of CSU and discontinued the qualification of scholarship.

4The student whose qualification of scholarship is suspended can apply for self-paying or partial fees according to the relevant stipulations of school and the qualification shall be resumed after being approved as qualified next time. If the qualification was cancelled, he/she shall not get the Chinese Government Scholarship again.

5The students who get recorded demerits or more serious punishments in a semester, his or her qualification for scholarship shall be cancelled.

Article 6 Regaining the Scholarship

The student whose qualification of scholarship is suspended may apply for studying with self-supporting. If he/she makes outstanding headways on study and manifestations in the next school year, the student could apply for regaining the scholarship at the end of the next school year. The student who does not hand in the application of scholarship on time will be regarded as the self-supporting student or leaving school voluntarily and cannot apply for retrieving the scholarship.

Article 7 Students who have finished his or her study in schedule and hope to pursue higher education shall submit a written application to the embassies of his or her country for the next year’s scholarship.

Article 8 Chinese Government Scholarship Students who fail to complete his or her study as scheduled and attend to continue study shall cover his or her expanses incurring during expanded days; scholarship students shall cover the expanses incurring by experiments and practice beyond school teaching plan.  

Article 9 International students with Chinese government scholarship who gets serious disease and has to suspend the schooling shall return to his/her homeland for treatments and pay for the traveling expenses. The student who is authorized to suspend the schooling by school can retain the qualification of scholarship for one year at most, but the scholarship living allowances shall be suspended.

Article 10 The stipulation shall be effective from the date of promulgation and be interpreted by the International Office.