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Graduate Programs Application

 For Graduate Programs

The Catalogs for Master Degree Programs of Central South University(Click here to download Graduate Program Catalog.PDF)

The Catalogs for PhD/M.D. Programs of Central South University (Click here to download Graduate Program Catalog.PDF)

 Length of Study

For Master Degree Programs, students may usually have 3-4 years of schooling;

For PhD / M.D. Programs, students may usually have 3-5 years of schooling.

For more information please refer to The Catalogs for Graduate Programs of Central South University.

 Application Period

Application procedure starts from1st March to 30 Juneeach year.

 Application Fee & Tuitions & Fees

Tuition & Fees for International Students at CSU

 V. Application Requirements

1. Applicants for Master degrees must be Non-Chinese citizen above 18 to 35 years old;

for PhD/M.D. programs applicants must be Non-Chinese citizen above 18 to 40 years old.

2. For Master Degree programs, applicants should obtained a Bachelor degree

For PhD / M.D. programs, applicants should obtained a Master degree.

3. Chinese language requirement: Applicants for non-medical majors shall achieve180 for      HSK Level 4, applicants for medical majors shall achieve 200 for HSK Level 4  

4. Applicants should have good health condition.

 Application Documents

1. FillOnline Application Form for International Students at Central South University at  

http://application.csu.edu.cn/member/login.do. Print out completed application form and sign

your name. (

2. Original Certificate for the highest Degree with notarization paper attached.

3. For graduating student, a certificate stating you will graduate as a  

qualified student should be provided by your current school or university. Original diploma must be then provided once you are admitted at CSU.

4. Transcripts of all courses taken with notarization paper attached.

5. Applicants for Programs that courses taught in Chinese shall provide copies of HSK certificate  

and Transcripts;

Applicants for Programs that courses taught in English shall provide TOEFL or IELTS results;

The original documents mentioned in this item shall be provided once you are admitted at


6. A study plan.

7. Two reference letters (which shall be written by your teachers who are associate professors or

with higher academic title).

8. A copy of your passport with up to 1 year validation and two personal photos same as on your

passport (white background, size 35mm*45mm).

9. Bank Remittance Certificate on for application fee with your name in both native language and  

English on application form.

10. Certification of No Criminal Record notarized by Chinese Consulate in your country.


The documents mentioned above shall be provided in English or Chinese.

1. CSU shall require other supplemental materials from applicants if necessary.

2. The documents above shall be sent to the International Students Division before 30 June.

3. The supplied application fee and documents will not be returned regardless of the  

enrollment results.


Applicants for admission will be considered in accordance with diploma, results of HSK, TOEFL and IELTS, Central South University shall be entitled to require telephone or online interview if necessary.

 Enrollment and Registration

1. Enrollment starts in September each year, date be subject to the enrollment date mentioned

on Admission Letter.

2. Visa Application

Admitted applicants should apply for Student Visa (X1 Visa) at Chinese embassies (consulates) of your country with prepared documents listed as follow:

a)         Passport (up to 1 year validation)

b)         Admission Letter

c)         Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202).

3. Students should bring application documents mentioned above at enrollment

a)     For students who submitted certificate stating you will graduate from

current school as a qualified student should submit the original diploma.  

b)   For students who have submitted copies of HSK, TOEFL and IELTS results during the

process of application shall provide the original HSK, TOEFL and IELTS results.

Enrollment may be canceled for students who fail to provide the original certificates or documents mentioned above.


International Students Division

Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges

Central South University


No.932, Lushan South   Road (Main Campus), Changsha, Hunan,   China

Zip   code:



+   86-731-8887 7515 (for non-medical   majors)

+ 86-731-8265 9395   (for medical majors)


+ 86-731-8871 0136