Int'l Student Graduate Programs Content

Experimental Codes of Central South University on International Students

1. The students should prepare lessons before the experiment. No lateness and no unexcused absence. Before entering the lab, they must be equipped with the necessary labor protection appliance required, dress neatly and keep quiet. No one shall be allowed to use the equipment unconnected with this experiment without permission.

2. Strictly comply with the laboratory regulations; subject to the guidance of the instructor and laboratory technician; carefully observe and analyze experimental phenomenon, faithfully record the experimental data, and do not copy others' experimental results.

3. Strictly comply with the rules to avoid accidents. Take care of equipment, save experimental materials like electricity, water and reagents, drugs, and components. Those who are in violation of rules or not follow the guidance cause equipment damage, must make written inspections and pay appropriate compensation according to relevant provisions of the school.

4. Equipment failure occurring during the experiment should be promptly reported to the experimental instructors. Once an accident occurs, it must be well treated to reduce accident losses; protect the scene and promptly report to the departments concerned, analyze the cause, and assist in dealing with the accident aftermath.

5. After completion of the experiment, actively help instructors put laboratory supplies in order, cut off water, power and gas supply, and clear experimental place; do not take the equipment and materials out of the lab.

6. Seriously fill in the test reports on time according to the teaching requirements and take the experimental teaching examination.