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Notice about the Selection of 2018 Central South University Graduation Students of Honor

To set a pioneer spirit and encourage students to study hard as well as succeed in a special field of study, our university will select 2017 Central South University Graduation Students of Honor. Those graduates who possess fine morality and outstanding university records will be awarded, and are encouraged to set good example for other students.

To ensure the selection work smoothly, the related issues are hereby notified as follows:

1. The selection will follow the principle of openness, impartiality and fairness.

2. The number of students to be awarded: 10.

3. Each selected graduate will receive an award of RMB2000 and Honor Certificate.

4. Qualified Applicants: International students who are sure to gain diploma and degree certificates before July 15th, 2018.

5. Conditions:

(1) No violation of the laws and the rules in China and Central South University, and show respect to teachers and classmates;

(2) Having good attitude on study, attending class on time, having good academic records;

(3)Help classmates in need and warm hearted in promoting public benefits;

(4) Pay attention to school development and win honor for the school, if any.

6. Application materials:

(1)Application Form;

(2) Transcript of academic record during the academic years;

(3) Recommendations from instructors or course teachers (if any);

(4) Published papers and other relevant materials.

7. Review and approval procedures:

(1) Applications from individuals;

(2)International Students Office will verify he qualifications and confirm the preliminary list of candidates;

(3)Publishing the results;

(4)Presenting the awards.

The one who wants to apply can download and complete the application form from our official website (http://iecd.csu.edu.cn/lxzn/xgxz.htm) before June 5, 2018, and should hand in the application form and relevant materials to the office before June 10, 2018.