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Regulations of Central South University on Bachelor's Degree Conferring (Excerpts)

This regulation is formulated according to Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees, Interim Measures for Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees, combined with the reality of our school.

Article 1 Undergraduates of different majors in CSU shall be granted the corresponding bachelor’s degree depending on the various categories and nature of majors after review by its academic degree evaluation committee.

Article 2 The standard of Bachelor’s Degree conferring is as follows:

1) abiding by the Behavioral Norms of Students in Colleges and Universities;

2) Meeting all the requirements in the Training Program, qualified to graduate after review, and with assessment results of courses and graduation project (graduation thesis and other graduation practice segments included) which show a relatively good grasp of basic theories, specialized knowledge and basic skills in the discipline concerned and initially acquired the ability to undertake scientific research or to engage in a special technical work; and

3) Having not received any punishment of disciplinary probation or more serious transaction, or the given punishments having been canceled.

Article 3 Students who haven’t been granted Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree because of unsatisfactory academic results may apply for Bachelor’s Degree after succeeding to meet all the related requirements within the term of study.

Article 4 The application for Bachelor’s Degree of students from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries as well as the Chinese students abroad shall be implemented with reference to this regulation.

Article 5 If irregularities, fraudulent practices or other situations in gross violation of the provisions of these Regulations are discovered, the degree-conferring unit concerned may revoke the degrees already conferred, after reconsideration by its academic degree evaluation committee.

Article 6 This regulation shall be implemented since the issue for whose interpretation the Undergraduate School is responsible.