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Wang Dianzuo, CAE & CAS

Wang Dianzuo, male, Han nationality, was born in 1934, Linghai city (previously called Jinxian County), Liaoning Province, CPC member, graduated from Central South University (formerly Central South University of Technology) in 1961.

Professor Wang is an internationally renowned scientist in Mineral Engineering. He was the vice president of Central South University of Technology (CSUT), the president of Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, executive vice president of Chinese Academy of Engineering, senior academic adviser & general manager of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation, vice chairman of the Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Academic Committee of mineral processing, chairman of International Council for Mineral Processing. He also obtained the eighth, ninth, tenth CPPCC National Committee. Currently he is the honorary president of Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute,; as well as the professor and PhD supervisor at Central South University.

Professor Wang has been engaged in teaching and research work in the field of mineral processing, and has made pioneering contributions on mineral processing flotation theory. Flotation chemistry theory he founded has become the basis of modern flotation theory, which is regarded as the future direction of the flotation technology development. He also made achievements in biological metallurgy technology and bauxite flotation desilication technology. Over 200 papers and 10 books were published.  He won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Natural Science Award, the National Award of Education Science and Technology Progress, the National Award for Outstanding Scientific Publication and National Award of Outstanding Textbooks and many other awards. He was awarded as the National Outstanding Contributed Experts of Science and Technology.

In 1990, professor Wang was elected as foreign member of the American Academy of Engineering, and then elected as member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1991. In 1994, he was elected as the first batch of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and then was elected Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2006. In 2010, International Mineral Processing Council awarded him the "Lifetime Achievement Award” who has made outstanding scientific contributions.