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          Jin Zhanpeng, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jin Zhanpeng, male, Han nationality, was born in Lipu County Guangxi Province in November 1938, member of CPC. In 1963, he graduated as MS from Central South Mining and Metallurgy College. During 1978 to 1981, he visited the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology as visiting scholar. In November 2003, he was elected as member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was member of the International Committee of the Alloy Phase Diagram, director of the Chinese Materials Society, deputy editor Journal of International Calphad, editorial advisory board of the American Equilibrium Journal, member of the Asia-Pacific Materials Science. Now he is professor of materials science and engineering and PhD supervisor at Central South University.

Professor Jin Zhanpeng has been engaged in the research of phase diagram calculations and phase transformation kinetics, which promoted the development of alloy phase thermodynamic model, and proposed even micro-diffusion component analysis study of the phase diagram of efficient cooperation. He once co-proposed periodical metastable phase transition theory and derivation of metastable phase diagram, with the assessment and calculation a series of alloy systems, ceramic oxide systems and artificial crystal materials were predicted on the phase diagrams, along with the establishment of a systematic and the corresponding thermodynamic phase diagram database to coordinate different thermodynamic variables to study types of dynamics. The establishment of theoretical framework on microstructure evolution simulation for predicting and elucidating the forming region of amorphous alloy, interfacial reaction process of composite material and forming conditions of thermal corrosion products of the phase diagram. His papers cover physics, chemistry, materials science and computer applications, which have been cited on over 50 international journals and periodicals as the references for the establishment of a new theory, development of new methods, design of new materials, new phenomena and elucidate the development of new technology. In 1989 he won the 2nd Award of Science and Technology Progress from State Board of Education, and the 3rd Award of National Natural Science in 1991. In 1999, he obtained the Science and Technology Progress Award of Guangxi University.

Professor Jin is called "the academician of Chinese Hawking, live map of materials science". Although the disease hampered his health, he never stopped his pace of research and teaching. In 1998 he won the 1st Prize of Baogang Education Award. In 2003 he was named the top Ten Big News Figures of Hunan Province, titled with the "National Teacher Model" in 2007, the "Ethic Model of Hunan Province” in 2009, then in 2011 he was named as 2nd National Teaching Model. In 2012 was named the National Excellent Communist Party Member. He has supervised more than 50 MS and PhD students. Some students were hired as "Lotus scholar", "Changjiang Scholars Program" and "1000 Talents Plan", and some served as the international journal CALPHAD, deputy editor JPED, editor of IJMR and Metal. Among 20 members of American Commission of Alloy Phase Diagram, four of them are supervised by Professor Jin. They are now outstanding scientist and experts in areas of material phase diagram and phase change all around Europe, Asia and the America.

Recently, Professor Jin’s research interests lie in the era of feature material science, cross situation, internal rules and innovation space.