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Gu Desheng, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Gu Desheng, male, was born in October 1937, Meizhou County, Guangdong Province. Now he is professor at Central South University. In 1995 he was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Former CPPCC National Committee, director of guidance committee of the National Mineral Education, Accreditation Council committee of National Engineering Education, assessment expert of Science and Technology Award, Senior mentor of China Mining Association, the expert committee member of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

Academician Gu Desheng is a famous scientific and technical experts in mining engineering. He has completed the 31 major research projects at national and provincial and ministerial level, including "Underground metal mines continuous mining technology and equipment" won the 1st Progress Award of National Science and Technology in 1992; "Hard rock pillar continuous mining technology research" won 2nd Progress Award of National Science and Technology in 2001; "Metal mining rock burst and Control Research and Application" obtained the 2nd Progress Award by the National Science and Technology in 2005; "Hidden metal mineral resources mining safety and control technology research and application" won the 2nd Progress Award of National Science and Technology in 2007. "Chatter vibration of the mining machine" won the 3rd National Invention Prize in 1983; "Panel stooping mining method continuous vibration mining research" has won six prizes as 1st awards in scientific and technological progress at Ministry-level. "Vibration unit continuous operation enhanced recovery technology research" has gained nine awards by ministerial-level Science and Technology Progress Award. Metal ore mining and technological progress has made important contributions for the country that created huge economic benefits.

Academician Gu Desheng has wirtten monographs 5 such as "Vibration Mining Technique", "Modern Metal Deposits in Mining Science and Technology", "Deposit No Waste Mining Planning and Design ", etc.; more than 140 papers were published, e.g. ." Stope ore shipped ore ZCYS continuous operation units "," metal deposit in deep mining scientific problems ". Its related outcomes was high appraised by experts attending the "14th World Mining Congress" and the “2nd World Conference of Non-metallic Minerals". He has trained 12 postdoctoral students, 54 PhD students, 10 student in MS, which contributed on education for the mining industry.

Academician Gu Desheng has won the National Nonferrous Metals Industry "Model Worker" (1985), the national "outstanding contributions of young experts" (1986), Wang Danping Technology Award (1994), "Hunan Science and Technology Star" (1996), Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation "Science and technology Progress Award" (2002), the seventh "Guanghua Engineering Science and other Technology Award" (2008) and other honorary titles.