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Zhong Jue, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

http://en.csu.edu.cn/__local/4/2A/A1/902B581313E2118D9433D6E49D8_849285A5_45D2.jpg Zhong Jue, female, Han nationality, was born in September 1936, Xian County, Hebei Province, CPC member. In 1960, she graduated from the Beijing Iron and Steel Institute.

Major social works are: director of Science and Technology Committee of Ministry of Education; Assessment committee of National Science and Technology Award; Advisory Board Committee of Engineering and Materials Faculty of National Natural Science Foundation; academic consultant of National 973 Project, director of Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Tribology at Tsinghua University, director of Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Systems and Vibration of Shanghai Jiaotong University, director of Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Central China Digital Manufacturing.

She has been engaged in the field of high-performance materials strong field of manufacturing, design and control of complex mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. She presided over 50 projects that from Industrial technology Leap Project, national 973 projects, National major scientific and technological research, major and key projects of National Natural Science Found, Defense Advanced Research, which has made a series of important scientific and technological achievements:

She once proposed the academic thinking "Extreme Manufacturing" and "Harmonious Creation" and defined its basic connotation and the main research directions. The innovative principle electromagnetic casting made of aluminum alloy and rapidly solidified casting were promoted, technology and equipment of electromagnetic casting, fast-setting casting were created, of which the production lines are energy efficient and of high quality. She also achieved the completion of the extra-wide aluminum rolling line with high technological innovation, giant hydraulic press extension project, a high-performance special thin aluminum technology development and many other national key projects, in order to ensure that important military products are made and the aluminum industry into the international advanced level to provide a technology base; proposed mill closure force driving flow theory to solve the introduction of large units of major equipment failures, and promote the four related industries technological advances, which brought huge economic benefits. She systematically studied common problems of multi-process interaction patterns and associated singular working conditions in modern complex electromechanical system, proposed coupled design theory and method of complex electromechanical system, established a electromechanical coupling, interface coupled and other coupling model as well global mathematical coupled model in large-scale systems, and the setup of methods for numerical solution and parallel optimization design, providing a theoretical basis for the design of a modern complex electromechanical systems.

She integrated manufacturing science, information science and materials science, carried out new principles and new research methods of high-performance electronic product design and manufacturing in fining and digitization, which elevated the behavioral mechanism of manufacture interface and fusion research of information transmission to the study on multivariate interactive at micro-level.

Professor Zhong has supervised more than 30 doctors, 40 graduate students, 10 postdoctoral students, among which one doctoral thesis was awarded as national outstanding doctoral dissertation. She has compiled 3 monographs and published more than 200 papers of which some were enlisted into SCI and EI. The relevant outcomes has brought her with 20 awards, including two 1st prizes and two 2nd prizes of Progress Award of National Science and Technology, one 2nd prized of the National Invention Award, the "National Science and Technology Award for outstanding contribution to implementation of the 11th 5-Year Plan", "Science & Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress Award", "Guangzhao Technology Award", "National Advanced Worker" and honorary title "National Top Ten Female Workers”, and was conferred with the National Science and Technology Award for Experts with Outstanding Contribution.