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Zeng Qingyuan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zeng Qingyuan, male, was born Taihe County, Jiangxi Province in October 1925. In July 1950, he graduated from Department of Civil Engineering at Nanchang University, and Department of Civil Engineering at Tsinghua University with graduate in steel in July 1956. In December 1985 was awarded to the Professor Education Commission of Hunan Province. In September 1986 he was approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council as PhD supervisor in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering at Changsha Railway University. In November 1999 he was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

His main results are: the creation of a resilient system dynamics principle of total potential energy value, criterion of the total potential energy on stability of elastic system motion the and the "condemnation" rule of system matrix formation; the creation of a train bridge lateral vibration varying system theory, solve a lot of problems on transverse stiffness of railway bridge analyze such as Jiujiang, Yangtze River bridge at Wu Lake. He obtained the Ministry of Science and Technology Progress Award in 1998 and the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 1999. The creation of a bridge structure related to local and global buckling limit capacity analysis theory, which solve the problem of ultimate load analysis of the Three-tower cable-stayed bridge structure at Dongting Lake in Yueyang. He also created an analysis theory on train-lateral dynamic stability when the track becomes transverse vibration and analysis theory of CWR structure. The creation of train derailment theory was unique that breaking tackles of train Derailment theoretical analysis in the world for centuries, solve a large number of train derailment control problems on railway and railway bridge, which won the Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award in 2006.

He has guided 16 graduate students and over 30 doctoral students, and has published hundreds of papers, compiled books " Theory and Application of Train Bridge Varying System Vibration Analysis", "Train Derailment Analysis Theory and Application", "Steel Struts Stability Limit Carrying Capacity "(ranked second) and textbook for graduate "Structural Dynamics "and "Structural Stability Calculation. He won two 3rd prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award, two 2nd prizes of the Progress Award of Ministry of Science and Technology, one 1st prize Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award, the third Zhan Tianyou Achievement Award, the seventh Zhan Tianyou Railway Science and Technology Award. He was named as the "National Excellent Teacher" by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Personnel.