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Zhang Yaoxue, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Zhang Yaoxue, male, Han nationality, was born in Li County, Hunan Province in 1956. He is the member of China Academy of Engineering, Chinese Writers Association, the Information Advisory Committee of State Council, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, deputy editor of "Electronic Journal" in English and Chinese version, executive director of Chinese Institute of Electronics, member of the expert group of military computers and software professional of the PLA General Armament Department, adjunct professor and PhD supervisor at Tsinghua University.

He was full-time responsible person for the first special project (nuclear high base) of national science and technology major projects, and director-general of Asian Association of Open University, vice director of China Computer Users Association, general manager of IBM and Tsinghua University joint venture company ASDC, deputy director(attachment) of the former Ministry of Electronics Industry Computer & Information Technology Promotion Division, deputy director (attachment) of the former promotion office of National electronic Information System, Ministry of Education, deputy director/director of Department of Science and Technology, director of Department of Higher Education, director of Department of Degree Management and Postgraduate, Ministry of Education, office director of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, office director of 985 Project, office director of 211 Project Construction and other academic and administrative positions, as well as member of editorial boards of over 10 domestic and international academic journals.

The main research directions is computer network and transparent computing / cloud computing. In 1995, he presided over the successful development of China's first network routers, and contributed to the industrialization of this product closely related to the national security and information industry. He pioneered the research in the field of active service and transparency computing, proposed the expansion of von Neumann Structure in space and time, transparent calculation theory and method to separate information storage, operation and management. And on basis of the theory, he successfully devised the kernel distributed operating systems and transparent computing terminal with no operating system, which are widely used in fields of military, business, education and management. It has aroused domestic and foreign academic attention, foreign experts said "it came out before cloud computing, and includes cloud computing" with original academic achievement, and it now expands toward service mobile phone, cloud mobile phone and other mobile Internet, family network and other fields. In the theory of network infrastructure, the comprehensive method of interactive agreement was called "Zhang's method" by expert in US, which promoted the development and advancement of the theory of network infrastructure. He was the first winner for National Technology Invention Prize, and won two National Science and Technology Progress Awards, IEEE AINA07 Best Paper Award, Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award, American IET Education Foundation Educational Leadership Award, as well as meritorious service award of Asian Association of Open University and other awards. He has also written 8 monographs including textbooks in English and Chinese, among which the "Computer Operating System Guide" has been sold more than 100 million copies that become one of the bestseller textbook in the domestic field of computer science.