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Ma Yueru

Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee

Ma Yueru, male, was born in April 1963. He is a CPC member, master, doctor and professor. He served as the Secretary of CPC Committee of the Law School and the Secretary of CPC Committee of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Central South University, and now serves as the Member of Standing Committee of CPC Committee and the Director of CPC Committee Organization Department of Central South University.

Major research areas: Research in the areas of human resource management, leadership, elderly care service management and higher education administration.

He received such provincial and ministerial-level talent titles as the third prize of the science and technology progress award of Hunan Province (2020) and the Party Affairs Demonstration Post of Hunan Province (2018). He has published or edited 6 monographs and textbooks, published more than 80 papers, and presided over and participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects. He provided the provincial and municipal government departments and major state-owned enterprises with intellectual support in planning and human resource management.

He assists in the management of Party building, cadre and talent affairs.

Time of update: January 16, 2022