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Tao Lijian

Deputy Vice Chair of the University Council

Standing Committee Member 


Tao Lijian, male, was born in Oct 1962, in Changsha, Hunan province. He joined the Communist Party of China in Feb1985 and was employed in Aug 1983. As a doctoral student majored in Pathophysiology, he graduated from Xiangya Medical School of CSU and became a medical doctor and chief physician. Now he is a vice chancellor and standing committee of CPC at CSU.

From Oct 1978 to Aug 1983, he studies medical profession as an undergraduate, Hunan Medical College. Then he majored in Internal Medicine as a professional graduate in Hunan Medical College from Sep 1986 to Nov 1988. From Sep 2001 to Jun 2004, he majored in Pathophysiology as a doctoral graduate in Xiangya Medical School of CSU. In Jul 1995, he was elected as vice dean of Xiangya Medical School of Hunan Medical University. In Dec 1997, he served as the director of Science & Technology Department. He became the vice dean of Xiangya Medical School of CSU in Jan 2001 and director of Dept. of Human Resources in Nov 2005. In Apr 2010, he was a standing committee and deputy secretary at CSU. Then, he served as municipal standing committee and vice mayor in Guilin City in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from Jan 2014 to Dec 2015. In Jan 2016, he was appointed as standing committee and deputy vice chair at CSU.